Aztec Calendar

A few months ago I posted an article about the importance of paying attention to details in design and presented some inspirational examples on styling your blog titles, dates, post details, bulleted lists with icons and comments.

Today, while following Tara’s recommendation to visit typographic group on Flickr, I was inspired by a photo of a framed date, and started looking for more interesting examples of presenting the dates in different mediums that surround us all the time. All we have to do is pay attention and apply those ideas in formatting the Dates on our blogs. They don’t have to look as sophisticated and enigmatic as the ones on the Aztec Calendar (see the picture above), but the more original your dates look the more lasting impressions your blog’s design would leave on your readers.

Next week I’ll post some Date formatting examples with CSS & HTML inspired by the photos below. For now, get your creative juices flowing, by going through 16 dates with Inspiration that I found on Flickr:

24_7 blocks
doggy date kids date
date with shoes wedding date
clock date date box
calendar calendar
calendar calendar
calendar calendar
dec8_1980 shoplifting date

A big Thank You goes to all those photographers’ whose works were featured in this post and served as a great inspiration for this and future articles. Now I just have to choose which one to go with for my new blog’s design.

You all have calendars at home, work, so take another look at them and see if you can apply their design and typography to your site. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog’s RSS feed to read the follow up article on how a bit of CSS Magic can turn those photos above into stylish original dates for your blogs.

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4 Insightful Bits in response to “16 Dates With Inspiration”

  1. Nice ideas! Thanks for sharing. I’m also redesigning my blog and I found some inspiration here (as usual ;) )

  2. These are great. When I am designing sometimes I forget about the small elements like this (lack of time etc etc) but little finishing touches like this really can add character to a design.

    Thanks for the mention too!

  3. ahhhhhh. I wrote a long comment, mistyped the captcha phrase, hit the back button and my comment was gone.

    Anyway, the gist of it was that this Flickr pool is a great source of inspiration; and even though it’s not (always) strictly speaking typography, there’s much we can learn from it and apply to our own typography. I like the top two photos the best.

  4. Vivien

    ok, that’s does it :-( I’m removing this Captcha and using a new method to fight with spam. I’m so sorry you lost the long comment, John. I know how frustrating it is, I get mad when it happens to me.
    I’ll test this new method for a couple of days, see how it affects the spam numbers on my blog, and if it’s really as effective as I hope it is, I’ll share it with you all. So, no more captchas on this blog.

    Good luck with your redesign, Simonne. Glad you find some inspirational stuff here.

    You’re right, Tara, it’s easy to forget about the little details sometimes, so once in awhile I’m trying to remind that to myself and others :-)

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