33 Timeless Time Management Strategies

Have you ever wished to have more than 24 hours in a day, have you ever felt that your head is about to explode as you’re trying to assign at least a few check marks to your To Do list? Have you tried every trick in a book on how to manage time but still can’t quite tame this beast?

33 Time Management Strategies Despair no more – the help is on its way, the real solutions from real life time management gurus who unveil their secrets to one of the most challenging problems that most of us struggle with. These 33 time management strategies, tips and techniques will cure every workaholic in the world, will motivate any procrastinator and encourage the utmost pessimist to get things done in no time and still have time left to enjoy life.

Thank you everyone who participated in this group writing project. Now learn from each other how to better manage your time, how to organize your day in a more efficient way, link to each other and become friends with oh, so elusive but wise, His Majesty Time.

  1. All For Time and Time For All: The 10 Commandments of Time Management by Simonne
    Don’t wait for things to become urgent before attending to them, don’t just make but also be flexible enough to break your To Do list, learn to say “no” when resources are limited.
  2. Lessons in Time Management by Em Dy
    Start early and on time, end on time and most importantly respect other people’s time
  3. Guru Natalie weighs in on Time Management by Natalie
    Become a “creature of habit”, use your email software efficiently by flagging your emails according to their urgency. Are you a graphic designer – then visually arrange the job folders in your “toast rack”.
  4. 9 Reasons to Wake Up Early by Y.Graf
    This article was posted on the blog that’s dedicated to HowToWakeUpEarly, so trust the writer who urges you to exercise your body, mind and beat the morning traffic by getting up earlier than others.
  5. Time Management For Bloggers and Photographers by Brian
    If you’re looking for a ready-to-use formula to an efficient organization of your daily activities, this post comes with the actually working schedule from one busy blogger, photographer, father and husband.
  6. Manage time by sorting your blog comments in 6 ways by Bes
    If you are or want to be a successful blogger, you must be spending a good chunk of your daily blogging activities in reading, replying to comments on your blog and commenting on others. This article will teach you how to stay on top of your comments in a most efficient way.
  7. My Troubles With Time Management by Ronald
    Most probably this post won’t teach you how to manage your time wisely, but it will, however, make you feel a hundred times better for not being the only one who has troubles with managing Time.
  8. It’s URGENT, Urgent I say… but is it? by Marques
    Divide your tasks into four essential categories, and define them as Urgent and Important, Not Urgent but Important, Urgent but not Important, and Not Urgent and Not Important, add to it a “set of Goals in your mind” and you’re on your way to a better time management.
  9. Time Management: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Jenny Mcb
    Sometimes all you need to manage your time is a communication with your spouse/partner, a full freezer, a Palm and a laid back attitude.
  10. Time Management – Don’t put Everything off until later by TeaMouse
    Other times a few simple things like Slow Cooker, Dishwasher, Front loading washer, and family members who pitch in with all of the household chores, will make your life much easier.
  11. 8 Work At Home Time Management Strategies by Char
    Organize “Sunday night strategy session” to plan for the week, get up before your other family members, divide your To Do list into personal and work, set up your work hours and stick to them, outsource where possible.
  12. Time, Time, Time by WG
    In order to get things done you need “routines and schedules and lists” and “outside help”. Set clear expectations and plan ahead when possible.
  13. Thoughts On Managing A Precious Resource by Ajay
    Write everything down, work smart, multi-task creatively, avoid classic time wasters, declare “Me” time, make up for lack of time.
  14. Time Management – tackling K2
    If you’re a passionate perfectionist who places “the utmost of importance on each task”, then your salvation is the realization of your greatest strengths and weakness. Prioritize the tasks and tranquilize.
  15. Time Management Tips for Using Email
    These tips come from none other but Daniel Scocco, the founder of DailyBlogTips and DailyWritingTips. Despite writing for several blogs, starting from InnovationZen, he always finds time to reply to each and every email that he gets on a daily basis. His secret? Read to find out.
  16. Stress Can Be Good by Lauren Marie
    Identify tasks as necessary and/or immediate, “Priority Two”, more long-term, and the one that cat can be delegated to others. The important thing to keep in mind is to “take time to breathe and realize what is truly important in life”.
  17. Secrets To Successful Time Management by Gleb Reys
    Pick your priorities, most important tasks and regularly review them all. Learn how to plan and block your time.
  18. 3 simple time management tips by Carey
    Yes, if you come to think of it – Time Management is not a rocket science, all you need to learn is how to prioritize, delegate and say “no”.
  19. How I manage time between blogging and studies by Shankar
    Check out how a busy student successfully manages his studies with blogging, by rising early and dividing bigger tasks into smaller ones. Of course, cutting down on instant messaging and WordPress theme tweaking helps a great deal.
  20. Better living through sticky notes by Lisa
    When everything else fails and you feel you’re losing a grip on time, buy a stack of stickies and stick them with your to-do tasks on everything, everywhere and everyone.
  21. How I Manage My Time by Keith
    A sneak peek into the daily life of a busy programmer and a plugin writer, who mastered the art of a proper schedule.
  22. 6 Essential Time Management Strategies by Randa
    Don’t waste time, work everywhere and anywhere, carry a notebook and keep a calendar, once again – break tasks into small bits and learn to say “no”.
  23. Time Management: Managing Large Multi-User Projects by Jennifer
    Have you ever used Basecamp? No, then you should give it a try. It’s a web-based multi-user project management application that will make life juggling multiple projects much easier. Read the article to learn how it works.
  24. A Routine Shall Set You Free by Brooke
    Do you think that a routine kills freedom and motivation? Think again. This article will teach you how to be “more free while living within a routine”.
  25. Supercharge Your Job Search by Saving Time by Jacob
    “Job hunting is a full-time effort. Unless you’re careful, you might be working overtime.” Learn how to make it seem like a part-time.
  26. Time Makes Me Cuckoo by Shelley
    Does it seem to others that you’re a very organized person, managing to handle all those numerous activities and things that you do, when you’re actually running out of time, struggling to keep the structure up? Then this article is for you, it will show you how not only look but also be organized.
  27. 11 Time Management Tips – How I manage Work and Blog by Ashish
    Make your own bloggers toolkit and have a blog management day – these are only two of the helpful tips from a successful part-time blogger.
  28. Simple Tips for Managing Time by Pearl
    Organize your stuff online with applications like Backpack and Stickies, process similar tasks at once, make reading your RSS feeds and commenting a part of your schedule, review your priorities and re-arrange the to do list if needed. Wait, there’s more… but you have to visit the article to find out.
  29. Strategies for Effective Time Management by Janie
    Learn how to resist the urge to procrastinate but remain flexible, prioritize and work quickly and efficiently
  30. Time management: the un-techniques by Peter
    If you’re like me, you’ll be relieved to find out that it’s not necessary to write everything down to keep track of your daily tasks. How that works, read the article to find out.
  31. dIstressed or dEstressed? by Em Dy
    Are you stressed? Then it’s important to distress. Find out the results of a survey on how people get distressed.
  32. Freelancing And Time Management by Tara
    These are one of those timeless answers to eternal questions from freelancers on how to better manage their time.
  33. Internet Is The Devil In Disguise by Vivien
    How can we get any work done if there’s this spider with many heads called Internet that’s luring us into its web and eating our time? Well, you just have to read this last strategy to find out.

If you’ve learned something today, and found those strategies working for you, give them all the social love you have – digg them, stumble, flag on reddit and call them del.icio.us.

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  1. Glad to participate in this project Vivien, and to be inspired by all the entries:) Thank you

  2. Great level of participation! Now I just need to find the TIME to look through all of these.

  3. Wow! It seems we have a lot to read over the next few days. After that, we will know how to manage our time to do all the things we skipped because of too much lecture ;)

  4. Thanks for putting this together Vivien! It looks like there is a lot of good information to read through. Thanks for including my piece…

  5. hehe Haven’t had the time to swing around all day today :) I definitely need to read through all of these to get some more ideas …… thanks for the nice project!

  6. Vivien

    Thank you so much, everyone – for participating, for supporting.
    Brian, Simonne, Shankar, Daniel, Jen, Pearl, Ronald, thanks so much for your diggs, reddits, stumbles and del.icio.us bookmarks. This will be a nice experiment to see which social network reacts better :-)

    P.S. If I missed anyone, it’s only because I don’t know your “social” nicknames ;-)

  7. Thanks for inspiring us all to take on this project! It was well worth it. Now I have to go check out the other 32 entries.

  8. It’s been great to read the other articles. Thanks for another awesome writing project, Vivien!

    (btw, just a little thing, could you add the “e” to Marie please? I’m #16. I didn’t think it a big deal until I started seeing other participants linking to the list and my name is spelled wrong :/ No worries, though! Don’t feel bad!)

  9. My head always feels like it’s about to explode, and I often find myself wishing we had 30-hour days too!

    The problem, of course, is that I haven’t got the time to read the guides on managing my time. ;)

  10. Vivien

    you’re welcome, Char. Thanks to you for your input.

    Oh, I’m so sorry, Lauren. How did I miss that :-( I’ve corrected it now, and will try asking others to do the same.

    Paul, you know that I can relate to your problems really well, don’t you? Hope you did bookmark this post and will go through the entries one post at a time. It’s always interesting to see how others manage their time and perhaps learn a trick or two.

  11. It’s bookmarked (and dugg too)… I’m sure I’ll find time at some point! :)

  12. Thanks for including my post on Destressing (#31) but what I submitted to the project the first time is Time Management Prescription.

    Thanks for rounding up.

  13. I missed participating in this project but i know i will have fun going through all the entries .

  14. Hi Vivien

    Thanks so much for including me in the list. Looks like yet again your writing project has been a great success – keep up the good work :)

  15. I Stumbled this too, Vivien.

  16. Vivien

    Em Dy, perhaps you emailed me the wrong link, but I haven’t received the Prescription post from you. Just the destressing & Lessons in Time management #2.

    Madhur, I’m sure you’ll not only have lots of fun reading the entries, but will also find them to be extremely helpful. I know, I did.

    You’re welcome, Tara. That post of your must read by every freelancer.

    Jacob, thanks so much for the Stumble!.

  17. thanks for compiling this list – I am beginning to be overwhelmed by my Google reader (over 100 subscriptions now) and desparate need some time management tips :)

  18. Hi Vivien. I don’t know how it happened but my first submission was really Time Management Prescription to which you even left a comment. Somehow, the link got changed to my distressed post.

    Sorry for the mixup.

  19. Some fantastic tips their, thanks a lot.

  20. You’re very welcome. Will you be referring your students to this resource?

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