As you know I was running this blog ad free, but soon it will change, and Inspiration Bit will be featuring two new ads at the top of the sidebar. You probably guessed who are the two lucky winners of the Fourth Contest with Inspiration Bit. I will custom design 100×50 ad banners for them to advertise any site they want on my blog for three months.

And the Winners Are…

  1. Joey

    Your feedback was exceptionally valuable to me. As you can see, I didn’t release 8 WWW bits last weekend. I think I’ll be posting only once in awhile 8 bits of helpful resources on the Web, but not on weekly basis anymore. I also like Stats, so there will be more statistics-related posts on my blog. One is coming very soon, where I’ll disclose some contest-related statistics.

  2. Ronald Huereca

    I just hope that you will still like all my future posts. Thanks for your helpful suggestions on how to improve my blog and what topics to write more about. I got two really great ideas for a group project, so I might start one soon.

So, congratulations Joey and Ronald, please prepare whatever artwork you have for me and we should talk about what do you want to put on those ads.

Update on other Inspiration Bit contests

  1. Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the Fifth Contest with Inspiration Bit. So don’t delay and subscribe to my RSS feed and win a very cool prize.
  2. There are some changes in the rules of the Third Contest with Inspiration Bit. I have decided to split the $50 Amazon Gift certificate into TWO $25 Amazon Gift Certificates, and award them to the Top Two Commentators on my blog.
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9 Insightful Bits in response to “4th Contest Winners”

  1. Bes

    Congratulations Joey and Ronald! Thanks Vivien for having more than one winner in a day. :D

    I am sure *I* will like your future posts. :)

    Off-topic: is this supposed to be the 4th contest or the 3rd one? 0_0

  2. Woot! I won! You like me, you really like me!

    I have another idea for a group contest that goes with design mistakes. Design peeves (like design techniques you hate). Food for thought.

    Thanks again Vivien for running the contest.

    PS: This groovy edit-comment plugin sure reduces commentator anxiety. :)

  3. ibit

    hehehe – I really like this edit plugin too – thanks, Ronald

    Bes, My Third Contest’s deadline is Friday, since I wanted to get as many comments as possible :-) Hence the mismatch in the contest’s order. Sorry about the confusion :-)

  4. Congrats to Joey and Ronald :)
    Vivien, I have a suggestion:
    Can you redesign the IBit logo a little better than the present one please?
    I would love to see a better logo than this one.
    It will also be good if the logo is on the top-left than on the right.
    The ‘Home’ Link on the left can be replaced by the logo, isn’t it?

  5. ibit

    Thanks for your suggestions, Shankar. I’m actually in a process of re-designing my entire site, including the logo. I just need some time to put it all together. That’s why I just quickly put this temporary logo here, and I’m not changing much in the design of this current theme. Once I’m done with the new theme, I will for sure ask everyone’s opinion about it.

  6. I would like to thank the entire blogosphere, my wife, two daughters, my dog Bruiser and of course ibit and the great community that hangs out here. Wow, what a nice surprise. Congratulations to you also, Ronald.

  7. ibit

    You’re welcome, Joey :-)
    Are you back from Mexico yet?

  8. I’m back in the saddle again….. Not willingly but I’m here.

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    [...] Vivien on Inspiration Bit announced Joey and Ronald as today’s winners. :) [...]

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