Some of you may noticed that I’ve installed Top Posts plugin on my sidebar. I meant to do it long time ago, but finally got to it yesterday. Since it’s freshly installed it doesn’t indicate the all-time popular posts on my blog. So I’ve decided to present you with 8 most popular Inspiration Bits from the past two months of blogging.

  1. Get inspired by 8 bits of unique navigation

    This is probably the most popular post judging by the biggest number of visits to this page. It’s featuring websites with an unusual and clever navigation. The main purpose of that showcase was to inspire people to think outside the box – there are many different ways in displaying your site’s navigation menu. But at the same time, don’t forget about the site’s usability. Some of those sites have a very effective navigation interface, but after a couple of visits people might get tired of it, if they came for the content and it takes a long time to get there. So be inspired, but apply it accordingly to your site’s needs.

  2. Horisontal website designs

    This was the first article from the Unusual website series, and for quite a long time it was the most popular post on my site. The post showcased websites with a horisontal navigation. You should always choose only one way of scrolling on your site. The most common one is the vertical scrolling, but if done properly, the horisontal scrolling can be a very effective part of you site’s design.

  3. 8 bits of Colour Inspirations

    Here I share some very valuable Colour resources on the internet that will help with picking, creating a perfect colour theme for your site. Afterwards two of my readers – Azarai and LGR – have added another very useful colour resource – Adobe Culer . Actually, LGR has posted all about the Kuler on his blog.

  4. Get Inspired by 8 bits of Exquisite Typography

    I really hoped that this post will attract many readers, and was very glad to see the big traffic on this page. Unfortunately, too often designers spend all their energy, time and imagination towards creating an impressive graphics, or layout for their website, forgetting all about the quite but essential piece in any design – Typography. So if I was able to motivate at least some of you to pay more attention to the Type, then that’s the best reward I could possibly get for writing that post.

  5. 16 bits of Exceptional Typography Resources

    It’s one thing to get inspired by sites with one of the best Typography on the Web, and another to actually know how to be good at it. So these 16 Typography resources will be helpful to everyone.

  6. PHP+JS Detection of JavaScript browser settings

    This is a how-to post on detecting JavaScript’s support in your visitors browsers with PHP. I’ve seen many people reach this post through Google search on this topic. So I’m really glad I shared this code with you; hopefully it saved others from the same frustration I had when I was searching the internet about it.

  7. How To Make Your Site Recognizable with a Favicon

    Another popular how-to post. This tells me that I should post more how-to tips on this blog. I’m still debating if I should start offering some JavaScript, PHP or XHTML/CSS tutorials on this site. What do you think? Perhaps I should start with some helpful tips and see how it goes, maybe one day there will be a need in actual tutorials.

  8. How to embed YouTube videos to a WordPress blog

    This is another post that gets lots of traffic from people searching on Google about this tip. With the popularity of YouTube, no wonder this post gets so much attention.

Well, there you have it: 8 popular posts according to my statistics numbers. But you know what? I’m more curious to find out what are your most favourite bits from Inspiration Bit?

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