Well, I’ve been tagged twice for the same Meme – “5 Things I Enjoy About Blogging”. First by Bes, The Reasoner, and then by Ronald, Ronalfy. So I better participate now before I get triple tagged. Previously I’ve participated in a meme with a somewhat similar topic: 5 Reasons For Blogging and also wrote about the 8 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging.

Since I usually arrange my lists with either 8 or 16 bits of data, I’ve decided to slightly alter this meme and give you 5 things I enjoy and 3 things I don’t enjoy about blogging.

5 Things I Enjoy About Blogging

  1. Interaction/Appreciation

    Nothing pleases me more than the daily interaction with my readers. The more comments I get, the happier I feel. And when once in awhile I’m getting too stressed with all this blogging business, the fact that my blogging efforts are appreciated by my readers is what keeps me going and makes me to ignore those haunting doubts and thoughts of giving it all up.

  2. Friends

    I’m a very outgoing person and it’s not hard for me to make friends. My very close friends include my colleagues, my students, moms from playgroups, and now I’m very thrilled to add to this list some new online friends I’ve met through blogging.

  3. Attention

    I never imagined that my website will be attracting so many people coming from Google and other search engines. It always amazes me to see what keyword phrases bring visitors to my blog. I once wrote about some of those keyword searches.
    Oh, and every incoming link to my blog makes my day!

  4. Writing/Learning

    I’ve discovered that I do enjoy writing, especially when the thoughts in my head are fully formed and pour down with an ease with every keystroke. And I relish every opportunity to learn presented with blogging in various ways – when doing some research for my posts, reading numerous blogs in my RSS reader or while interacting with my fellow bloggers and readers.

  5. Adrenalin Rush

    I like the excitement I get when coming up with interesting post ideas, getting the record number of visitors to my site, seeing the drastic increase in my RSS count, and even the anticipation of how my posts will be received by readers. Unfortunately, this adrenalin rush doesn’t last long and gets replaced with the blogging anxiety.

Three aspects of blogging I could do without

  1. Time Consumption

    Unless we miraculously get 48 hours per day instead of so limiting 24, the time-consuming nature of blogging would remain the #1 complaint on my list. Of course, blogging allows me not to waste those precious hours for sleeping, but I can’t say I enjoy this feature that much.

  2. Addictive Anxiety

    I don’t particularly appreciate the fact that blogging is turning me into a masochist and an addict. Sometimes I wonder how can I keep blogging when I just spent numerous hours giving birth to a post that may not even get any attention from my readers? And what’s with the frequent check ups on my stats, feed count, emails to see whether I got a new comment or not? I don’t even want to talk about how the drop in the feed count and number of visits affects my mood (wouldn’t it be considered as the 12th sign of moodiness?).

  3. Silence

    I hate the days when my blog is silent – either because of me having no time to write for it and post something new or not receiving a single comment from my readers. Fortunately, the latter one happens less and less, and hopefully more people would feel comfortable to interact on my blog, comment and voice their opinions.
    There’s also another type of silence that bothers me a lot – silence from prominent bloggers who don’t reply to my emails, comments or tagging and who ignore my interview requests.
    In my strong opinion no blog and no blogger, despite of being small and unknown, should ever receive a silent treatment from other bloggers.

Well, here you have it – my true feelings about blogging. Now it’s tagging time, and I’ve learned in past not to bother with memes those whom I don’t know, so the next victims of this meme would be those who tagged me in past: Simonne from AllTipsAndTricks and Rory from Hamelife (I know, I owe you one as well – my response to your tagging is coming soon).
You can either tell us about the 5 Things you Enjoy about blogging, or you can give us 5+3 things you do and don’t enjoy about blogging, like I did. And if you don’t feel like participating in this meme, I promise not to stalk you to death :-)

Now, I have the same question to my readers – what do you personally enjoy and hate about blogging?

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18 Insightful Bits in response to “8 Bits of Truth About Blogging”

  1. Ha, ha! When I read your anti-spam question, my first reaction was to count the letters in ‘inspiration’! Your challenge is accepted, I’ll go for the 5+3. I now have an announcement not related to this topic, but if any of the readers here wish to get a free Joost invite, check out my blog and ask for it.

  2. Umm…Thanks?…I think…

    No, really, I mean it. I’ll see what I can come up with – though you have come up with some beauts, Ibit.

    I was particularly struck by #3 Silence. Taken on its broader scale, I believe this blogiverse(?) remains a distant and cold place. On rare occasions the boundary into friendship can be crossed, but otherwise people remain aloof. It doesn’t take a moment to knock off a “No, sorry, I can’t. Thanks for asking.” email. But, I guess it takes even less than a moment not to knock off such an email.

    Pithy point.

  3. Vivien

    Thanks, Simonne and Rory, for accepting my tagging requests.

    Simonne, I’m surprised that I still got you counting the letters in “inspiration” :-)

    Rory, did you just come up with “blogiverse”? I think it sounds better than “blogosphere”. I hope you don’t mind, but I just renamed my blog’s “blogosphere” category with the new name.
    You’re right, sometimes it does feel distant and cold. But then, I believe it’s up to the individual blogger to make his/her own blog warm, cozy and inviting. Fortunately, I came across a few such blogs, including yours.

  4. I’m sure I can’t take the credit for “blogiverse” (blogoverse? bloggyverse?) so I’m thrilled that you can use it.

    I’m also completely with you on your latter point. Never mind anything else, make your own blog warm, cosy and inviting. That is lovely.

    So, what’s the phrase? Illegitimi non carborundum? (oops – you can delete that last bit if it was a quote too far…)

  5. Vivien

    ha, I didn’t know that particular mock-Latin phrase (see my point #4 – love learning from other bloggers).

    I’m not only not deleting it, but providing a link for others to find out the meaning of that phrase from Wikipedia.

    Oh, and I prefer “blogiverse” – sounds closer to “universe”.

  6. LOVE – Sharing knowledge and information with other people and having them reaffirm that I’m making a good effort.

    HATE – Time, definitely time. But blogging is teaching me to be better about managing my time.

    And really, I’m right on board with your list. I have the same thoughts and feelings about blogging in general.

  7. Vivien,

    Get blogiverse trademarked quick :)

    I hate silence on my blog also, but I do like to think I have a life outside of blogging. I’m happy if I can get three or four out a week.

    External factors can come up too, such as a new site launch, plugin releases, writing for other blogs, and more.

    Thanks for the response to the tag.

  8. Vivien

    Brian, thanks for sharing with us your love&hate relationship with blogging.

    Ronald, I agree that sometimes it’s impossible to write daily posts, as you said there are many other factors come to play. But it would’ve been nice to have a regularly updated blog.

    I’m afraid we’re too late with trademarking “blogiverse” – Google has revealed 110,000 results for this keyword. Oh, well… I still like this word better, and will stick to it on my blog :-)

  9. Good article. Well, ignorance from other bloggers is something really painful. I’ve seen many bloggers ignoring me when I first started my blog, but now it’s better. Things change as you get noticed in the blogosphere, or should I say, blogiverse ;) Well, I prefer the former term. :)

  10. Vivien

    Thanks, Shankar. Now you should start ignoring those bloggers who ignored you at first ;-)
    Oh, you don’t have to call it a blogiverse. Actually, you can call it anything you want as long as others understand what you mean :-)

  11. I’ve already listed my five things so I wont reiterate them here, but I also agree with yours very much so. In particular the things you don’t like have a particular resonance with me.

    Something else I don’t like is that I find it hard sometimes to sit down and write my ideas. I love the ideas, and I want to share them, but I am really good at finding ways of not actually doing the writing.

    Quite often, “I really want to finish this tonight” turns into, “well I have progressed nicely so I can watch CSI as a treat.”

  12. Vivien

    so, you prefer watching CSI to blogging, Andrew? :-)
    Just kidding, I know what you mean.

    Sometimes I too wish I had some kind of an invisible writer, writing my thoughts and ideas down and publishing them on my blog, without me having to lift a finger :-)

  13. Vivien

    btw, It’s really worth checking out Simonne’s 5+3 blogging emotions. Especially her blogging dreams and a vvvvvery interesting bet she placed, challenging A-listers to comment on her blog.

  14. Bes

    Thanks for participating, Vivien. :)

    About the things you enjoy:

    1 : This is what is going set apart future bloggers from each other. Some people will act as if they appreciate others, whereas others actually feel happy interacting with others.

    2 : That is awesome! :) The online world should be part of our lives, and making friends online shows that we treat online people with the same respect as offline people.

    3 : This should be considered important by many people, as for many blogs, most of the readers come through search engines.

    4 : This is the best part for many. Learning through writing and writing through learning.

    5 : Good point. While tracking stats can be good, they can also chip away the motivation.

    Things you could do without

    1 : Right now, I’m spending almost the entire day thinking about some aspect of my site, no matter what I am doing. I can turn the blog off in my mind whenever I want, but the mere thought of different possiblities keeps the ideas flowing. If I remember to carry my small notebook with me, I fill in pages and pages of ideas to apply on my blog. It is time consuming, and I am trying to see if I am happy with a few settings in my life, to balance things, so that I can settle in with a certain pace. I might even end up not settlings with a certain pace, as being random is one of the things I love; not sure why.

    2 : That would indeed be the 12th sign of moodiness. Maybe we should have another series? ;)

    3 : Those days are also a bit different for me. Sometimes they make me feel weird, and sometimes they do not.

    I agree with your idea of being bothered because prominent bloggers ignore e-mails. That is what happens when some gets a lot of attention; they ignore others. That is what happens to me every 3 or 4 months. Some new blogger will come along, I will consult on their blog and help them grow, and once they start earning around a $100 a day or so, they start being busy. That is fine. However, these same bloggers run back to me once their income dips down or if their site starts to lose momentum, asking for advice for “old time’s sake!

    Maybe I should start a blogging series outlining such bloggers and how they lack ethical value. If a person can’t be trusted online, they probably cannot be trusted in person, both for personal and business relationships.

  15. Vivien

    Yes, you should definitely start new series, Bes, and write about unethical relationships online and offline.

  16. I was showing a friend of mine the feeds I read regularly and he asked why this one about Inspiration. I gave him the normal answers about quality content on site design, themes, traffic building, relationships with users and of course Inspiration.

    My blog and Inspirationbit are not even remotely related in genre but I always find something useful here. Besides, the commentators on this blog give real answers and insights. Unlike some sites where a lot of comments are just meant to raise the traffic or stature of the commenter.

    So, with all of my rambling above I want to say the things I love most about blogging are:

    1. Interaction with others either on my blog or theirs
    2. Sharing a hobby I care about with others
    3. Learning, constantly learning
    4. Having someone leave you a comment that makes you think about something in a different way.

    The only things I hate are:

    1. There are not enough hours in the day.
    2. Knowing that I am addicted to all things blogging.
    3. Server downtime
    4. Blogs that just post look what I found posts.

    Thanks Vivien.

  17. Vivien

    Thank you so much, Joey. You made my day with your comment.
    And thanks a lot for your personal 8 bits of blogging emotions (4 + 4). Server downtime is really annoying.
    And see, I don’t post look what I found posts anymore? :-)

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