I have been tagged by Paul from Reflections to spill out 8 beans by writing about 8 things that you don’t know about me. This meme was going around blogiverse for quite a long time and If I’m not mistaken, it used to ask for 5 Things. I wonder who switched it to my blog’s favourite number 8? I tried to look it up by going backwards on who tagged Paul, and so on, but was able to trace only up to 8-9th person who didn’t link to the originating tagging page.

I’m pretty sure there are many things that most of you don’t know about me. The hardest part here is to find the eight things that I don’t mind sharing with the rest of the blogiverse, plus to make sure that they’re interesting enough for others to read about. Hopefully these 8 bits about myself won’t bore you to death:

1. Early reader

I started reading books when I was three. At first my mother thought that I simply memorized all those children books she was reading me and just pretend reading them. But when I started reciting to her children poems that she never read to me before, she was very surprised to find out that I can actually read myself.
I’m very happy that my daughter has inherited this gene from me – she learned the entire alphabet by the time she turned 22 months old, and now, 4 months later, she names letters everywhere she sees them, can spell her own name and count to 20.

2. Polyglot

By the age of six, thanks to my father, I already knew 4 languages. Later on I learned two more languages. Unfortunately, right now I use only two of them (English and Russian) on a daily basis, but still remember – can understand, read and write in four other (Georgian, Armenian, French, a tiny bit of Arabic). I started the same thing with my daughter, she already understands and speaks in both English and Russian, and I really want to send her to a French school.

3. Classical musician

When I turned seven, my parents sent me to a music school, where I studied and played violin and piano for 7 years. Many were predicting that I’ll choose the profession of a classical violinist. I’ve surprised everyone by choosing a computer to be my instrument instead. I haven’t played violin since I graduated that music school. But I still occasionally play piano and sometimes guitar.

4. I don’t drive

Ok, enough bragging. Now let’s talk about the embarrassing things I don’t know.
I don’t have and never had a driver’s license. Ironically, when I was still at school, I couldn’t wait until I turn 18 to get my driver’s license and start driving. But somehow it never happened. I was always busy with something else – my studies or work and now family, so I could never find time to study for the driving tests and get my license. With a few exceptions of my husband letting me to practice driving a car, I don’t drive. I used to be an avid biker and was riding my bike to work and everywhere else, but now I either walk or use public transport. However I don’t lose hope of one day getting that coveted driver’s license and start driving.

5. Left or Right?

I used to drive my mother crazy with my complete inability to tell the left from right. Whenever she was asking me to bring something that’s in a cupboard behind the left door, I was questioning her, “Which door is the left one – the one on my left when I’m facing it, or the one on my left when I’m standing with my back to the cupboard?”.

When I was at school, during the marching practice at the gym, whenever we were told to turn right, I was turning left and bumping heads with the person behind me. I still often get confused with the left and right. I can tell my left hand from the right one, but somehow often get it wrong when asked to look to my right or my left. I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t drive. :-)

6. No to green beans

I’m not very picky when it comes to food as long as it’s tasty and not too spicy, but since I remember myself I hated green beans. My brothers used to tease me sometimes when I was coming home after school – “Today our mom cooked your most favourite dinner”. Needless to say that on those days I was staying hungry, because I was refusing to eat those disgusting green beans.

I guess you can imagine how happy I was to find out that my husband hated green beans all his life as well. Fortunately my daughter will never have to suffer being forced to eat them – there will be no green beans in our house.

7. Obsessions.

I’m obsessed with everything related to tigers and dolphins. When buying calendars, I buy only the ones with the dolphins or tigers. I made a blanket for my daughter from a faux tiger fur, sheets with the picture of dolphins for her bed. I’ve got quite a collection of various dolphin figures at home, and several soft toy tigers. I even used to always carry a little dolphin figure for a keychain on my finger. When I was forgetting it somewhere I was driving everyone crazy and making them to look for it. I once left it at an embassy while filling out an application form for a visa. I noticed my loss only when we drove quite a distance away from that embassy. It didn’t stop me from “crying” for my lost dolphin and forcing my colleagues to turn the car back to get my dolphin.

I only stopped carrying that dolphin keychain on my finger after my daughter was born – it was getting too tricky to keep track of carrying the both. I had to choose between carrying my daughter or that dolphin. Of course, it wasn’t the most difficult decision I had to make in my life. Now I’m wearing a pendant with two dolphins – mama& baby – present from my husband.

8. Turquoise, please.

Marylin Monroe was singing that the Diamonds Are the Girl’s Best Friend. In my case it’s Turquoise. You can blame my husband for this, he was the first one who got me hooked on it – I love jewelry with turquoise. I’ve already got quite a collection of earrings, necklaces, rings with turquoise. I’m short on bracelets though. So if any of you is thinking about what to present me with – any jewelry with turquoise will do, especially the bracelets :-)

Ok, It’s tagging time – Ronald, Joey and Aaron, what are the 8 Things I Don’t know About You?

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18 Insightful Bits in response to “8 Bits You Now Know About Me”

  1. So… You were reading by 3, quad-lingual by 6 and a classicist by 7 – but you have problems telling your left from your right?


    I guess you had to have problems with something, otherwise you’d have nothing to get better at! Did your directional problem contribute to you never learning to drive I wonder?

    Thanks for joining in! :)

  2. Vivien

    What can I say, Paul – quoting one of the characters in Some Like It Hot – “Nobody is perfect”, including me :-)

    I guess, the Fate stepped in and kept preventing me from learning to drive :-)

    Thanks for the tag!

  3. My pleasure… :)

  4. So by the age of six you knew 4 languages? :O Amazing! I enjoyed reading this post ;) I’m obsessed about the books that I read :D

  5. Thanks for the tag Vivien… I will endeavor to do around for eight things no-one knows about me. There are lots of things that people don’t know about me, but I’ll struggle to find eight that I don’t mind sharing :D

    Will post soon.

  6. No green beans?? I LOVE green beans! It’s no to lima beans for me. They taste like dirt. I’m jealous that you know so many languages. Language is so fascinating to me (I only learned Spanish myself, and that was in school so I know it’s not really how native speakers speak); how we communicate thoughts and feelings with weird little sounds we can make is so amazing, isn’t it?

    In 7th grade I had to memorize and draw the world by heart (I’ll have to scan and upload that project!). I do not remember Georgia! To me, it’s a state and I thought Wikipedia was kidding when it said that Georgian is the native language of Georgia. *blush* I have learned many new things today :) Thanks for sharing Vivien, and please, forgive my ignorance!

  7. Vivien,

    Thanks for the tag. Now I’ll just need to think of 8 things :)

    Speaking of Georgia… did you know there’s an Atlanta in Texas. There’s also a Paris. You’ll also find Paris in a jail cell in California. (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  8. Vivien

    Thanks, Shankar. It’s really great that you love books so much.

    You’re welcome, Aaron. Hope, I’m not giving you too much trouble with this tagging :-)

    Lauren, it’s not your fault, so no need for apologies. The world map has changed drastically since the time we were in school. I’m afraid you’ll need to memorize and re-draw a new map. Many new countries appeared on the map after the fall of Yugoslavia and USSR.

    Ronald, I did know about Paris (both ones), but not about Atlanta. But then, there are many European name cities in US. I know you have there (somewhere) St. Petersburg and even Moscow. And of course, another Vancouver :-)

  9. I’m with Lauren, bring on the green beans!

    Like you, I chose the computer over a musical instrument. I studied cello to grade 5 but got fed up carrying it on trains and through the streets.

    Nice insight, Vivien. :)

    I’ve just posted a few snippets about myself.

  10. Okay, my response is up this morning to the tag. I would have never guessed that you were into Tigers and Dolphins. My sister is a dolphin nut too and she has passed it along to her daughter. She spent this past spring break at Sea World at Dolphin Camp.

  11. Vivien

    I can relate to not wanting to carry a cello, David. It was much easier with the small violin though. But I just couldn’t see myself playing violin for hours. I even remember my music teacher was getting mad at me for not practicing at least 3 hours daily. I do regret however for not playing violin anymore. Will have to get to it one day.

    Joey, I should get together with your sister one day. It’s one of my dreams to swim with dolphins. When my daughter grows up a bit, I’ll definitely go to Florida with her to visit dolphins :-) Thanks for the response to my tag!

  12. Hey, you know what? I was really surprised when I read point 5. I’m happy to know there are people just like me :-) but the saddest part would be I drive :-)

  13. Vivien

    Welcome to the club, Benedict :-) When and if I finally get my driver’s license I might ask you to teach me how do you drive with a condition similar to mine :-)

  14. Sure. Here is the thumb rule, “do it other way to what your mind thinks”. But don’t follow this always this is only when driving ;-) lol

  15. Wow Vivien, I am so jealous of all those languages you can speak. I try to speak a bit of French (very poor school French) but the French tend to look at me confused and answer me in English.

  16. Vivien

    oh, my French got pretty poor too, with no practice. I can still read and write a bit, but it’s difficult for me to speak. I’m hoping to brush up on my French once I send my daughter to a French school. It’s pretty difficult to learn a new language, but unfortunately it’s so easy to forget one if you don’t use it on a daily basis.

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