In the ever expanding blogiverse it is really hard to get noticed and be different. After all, there are over 70 million blogs tracked by Technorati with over 120K blogs launching every day. So when I stumble upon a blog that stands out in the blogging crowd I feel very lucky. But when those blog Rebels are among my loyal readers my excitement hits the ninth cloud, and I feel so honoured and grateful that they actually find my blog interesting and worthy being read and even commented on.

Here I present you with 8 Blog Rebels (listed in the alphabetical order) who stood by me, supporting and encouraging with their insightful feedback since the infant days of Inspiration Bit.

  1. Andrew, Rickmann-Design

    – the rebel who is never satisfied with his blog’s appearance. His blog’s interface and functionality are getting refined with the frequency of a chameleon changing his colours to achieve the transparency in the surrounding nature. A big supporter of Web Standards, for Andrew it’s all about learning and sharing his knowledge with others.

  2. Bes, The Reasoner

    – the blog rebel who questions every deranged aspect of our lives, analyzing relationship paradoxes and human behaviour all the way from moody people to immature bloggers. His cause: “Finding out the reasons for the insanity in the universe“.

  3. Brian, Epic Edits Weblog

    – the blogger who rebelled against the mediocrity of many photography resources on the Web and went on a quest to provide the best “Photography resource for the aspirying hobbyist“. In less than 5 months his blog gained the recognition and respect of thousands grateful readers and hundreds of loyal subscribers.

  4. Joey, Squeezeplaycards

    – the mere fact that a huge baseball fan finds my (the person who knows as much about baseball as a child knows about the facts of life) blog interesting and helpful already makes him a passionate rebel who refuses to live a narrow-minded life and welcomes bloggers with different interests by interacting with them on their blogs.

  5. Ronald, Ronalfy

    – the opinionated rebel who has his own say for everything from life, religion to blogging, news, politics and everything in between. He challenges his readers to look underneath the surface, stop their busy lives if just for a brief moment and think before voicing their own opinion on the subject matter. Ronald is also a rebel-plugin writer who’s on a quest of making his and others blogging experience much more efficient.

  6. Rory, Hamelife

    – the rebel in parenting and blogging, using his unsurpassed exceptional writing skills and brilliant sense of humour, Rory educates parents “who want to be different” and bloggers who appreciate a talent when they see it. Only recently he refused to participate in Problogger’s current group writing project, stating his five credible reasons.

  7. Shankar, Shankar Ganesh

    – the teenage rebel with the drive and determination to excel in everything he does. His tenacious dedication to blogging is admirable, his natural curiousity is praiseworthy, his humble appreciation of skilled bloggers is exemplary.

  8. Simonne, AllTipsAndTricks

    – the rebel-experimenter on a quest for finding and getting the most out of blogging and sharing her tips and tricks with the rest of the blogiverse. She is never afraid to speak her mind, and she does it with such a grace and a phenomenal sense of humour that makes you wanting to see more of Simonne’s steamy tirades.

Initially, I’ve planned on submitting this article to Problogger’s group writing project. However I wasn’t sure if Darren would’ve accepted it since I was determined to stick to my 8 bits instead of his required Top 5. Nevertheless I just found that Darren stopped accepting anymore submissions (before the deadline), so you won’t see it among the rest of the 893 entries. My apologies for not being able to advertise my favourite blog rebels to the wider audience, but hopefully this article would still be seen by many other visitors to this blog and will bring even more recognition to this Magnificent Eight.

What’s more, I’m venturing on a mission to find more rebels in the blogiverse who are not recognized by the “upper-echelons“, but who are much better than the “blogging elite” in many aspects. I’ll be relying on the support of my readers and fans to help me discover more blogs that strive to be different and never compromise on the quality for the quantity of the inbound links.

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14 Insightful Bits in response to “8 Blog Rebels With The Cause”

  1. I am both extremely touched…and running for my life! What are you trying to do here? Get me in to deep deep doodie? :D

    I’ve got myself some surfing to do here, as well.

    Thank you for this lovely link post, Vivien. Most excellent.

    Oh, and I’ve given you your own folder in my Google Reader – Ibit’s Blogs. How else can I keep up with your fine recommendations.

  2. Vivien

    What means “doodie”, Rory?

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. Have a fun blog surfing time :-)

  3. I was going to make my contribution to your project a top five at problogger as well but decided not to in the end as forcing it into five seemed a little too contrived for my liking.

    I may well publish the five I came up with some time later on.

    In the meantime I have seven other posts to read. Thanks again.

  4. Vivien

    oh, you’re very welcome, Andrew. Look forward to reading your other five sources in future.

    Rory, I just noticed you addition to the previous comment (thanks to Ronald’s Ajax Edit plugin) – thanks for creating a special Ibit folder in your Google Reader. Hopefully, my blog recommendations will always successfully pass your “quality control” :-)

  5. Wow! How the heck did I end up in there? I’m amongst great company. :)

    Thanks again Vivien.

  6. Vivien

    simply by being the rebel you are, Ronald :-)

  7. Hey! That’s pretty awesome! It’s interesting to see how diverse some of your biggest fans are. That’s what I love about this site — The underlying topic of inspiration is specific yet vague at the same time. It always makes for an interesting read, and the articles are always useful and… well… inspirational.

  8. Bes

    Wow, Vivien, thank you so much! I feel honored for being on the list with all these other imposto..err, I mean, great people! :)

    1 : Andrew : A very nice site so far, with unique labeling of different sections around the site.

    2 : Bes : What can I say? Best of the Best! Words can’t describe this one. =P

    3 : A very nice site, and he takes excellent pictures! Wow, finally, advice about photographs coming from someone who is actually trying those advices! :)

    4 : I like your choice of using “narrow-minded life”, the term that many people dread hearing but keep on living. Many people focus on the “elite” mentality, where the self-proclaimed elites aim to overall promote only themselves and other elites, while sometimes throwing a piece or two at others. If a person can focus on things being demonstrated and thought instead of who is saying them, things can be much more interesting and ethical, even though ethics can be relative. Nice point! :)

    5 : Ronald!!?? You sure this is not a typo, or a mistake, or a joke? =P

    J/k. The plugins that Ronald is focusing on tell a lot about his views or even mentality on the concept of appreciating others. I have been working with Ronald on RA Project, and he is a trustworthy person.

    6 : Rory, nice to know that someone is doing things a bit differently when it comes to parenting.

    7 : Shankar, interesting. I have to read your site more. :)

    8 : Simonne, I have to read your site more also, even though I am already hearing a lot of praise for what you write. :)

    Thanks again Vivien. This is really nice of you! :)

  9. Wow, this was a nice suprise.

    Shankar, I have a daughter your age, man I feel old.

    By the way this is the first time I have been labeled a Rebel. Feels kinda good.

  10. Thank you very much, Vivien, for the mention :)
    That was so nice of you.
    All of these blogs seem to be cool. Have to check ‘em out soon :)

  11. Thank you very much, Vivien! I’m honored to be on your list. I felt in love with your blog at first sight, so you can imagine how good I must be feeling now, seeing your appreciation to my writings. :)

  12. Vivien

    Brian, you’ve said it all about this blog – we all need inspiration, no matter how different we and our blogs/sites/work are. Thank you.

    Bes, thanks for planting an idea to my mind – from now on, when referring to the “blog elite”, I’ll be calling them impostors. I’ll reserve the word “elite” to those who really deserve it.

    Joey, I’m glad I made you feel good. It’s interesting that despite of its mainly negative meanings, the word “rebel” does bring positive feeling :-)

    You’re welcome, Shankar. Please, do check out the blogs of your fellow rebells. :-)

    Simonne, your comment made my blog blush. You haven’t really noticed it, because at that moment I was sleeping and didn’t change the site’s CSS styles :-)

    Thank you all, it’s a great honour to have you visiting my blog, reading, commenting, and actually loving it.

  13. Thanks for this, Vivien,

    I’ll spend some time checking your choices out.

  14. Vivien

    You’re welcome, David. I’m glad to see that you too appreciate the rebel qualities in bloggers. :-)

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