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I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions as I don’t believe that they will help me follow the planned path, but it is worthwhile to have a list of goals in life to ensure I’m moving in the right direction. Some of those goals can get obstructed by roadblocks, but that shouldn’t discourage us from rescheduling them for the years to come.

By making my goals public I’m adding more responsibility and the feel of urgency in ensuring that I’m not putting them on the back burner for too long. At first I thought of sharing with you my blogging goals for the next year on December 25, to mark Inspiration Bit’s one year anniversary, but then Daniel from DailyBlogTips announced this group writing project inviting all bloggers to post their 2008 Blogging Goals. So I thought of “killing two birds with one stone” (hmm, does anyone know of a kinder alternative to that saying?) and by posting my goals earlier participate in his project as well – not so much for the prize but because, as you know, I like group writing projects and perhaps for some extra publicity.

One thing though: I don’t fully agree with Daniel on what he had to say about the blogging goals: “goals should be measurable (else you won’t be able to tell if you achieved them or not) and realistic (else you won’t be motivated to achieve them)”. Yes, the numbers are helping to draw a clear picture and it’s easy to see if you failed to achieve those numbers or not, but that doesn’t mean if your goals are not measurable with numbers you won’t be able to say whether you’ve reached your goals or not. Yes, realistic goals make the failure to reach them feel less miserable and the overachievement feel more sweet, but on the other hand what seems to be realistic now may be out of reach in the months or even days to come, yet what now feels to be something of a fantasy can suddenly become very reasonable.

A year ago when I started Inspiration Bit I had no particular goals for this blog, I just wanted to try what this blogging buzz is all about. Well, I have to say that the past year has brought me the most exciting and rewarding experience I’ve ever had online, and I eagerly look forward to another year of blogging. But this time I’m posting my 8 goals for Inspiration Bit in the Year of the Rat.

8. Start and stick to a regular posting schedule of at least 3 posts per week.

Initially I thought of listing here “Stop procrastinating” as my first goal, but then I don’t think “procrastination” is the right word for my behaviour of getting sidetracked by work, family, RSS feeds and comments. I just need to get better organized and be more efficient with whatever limited time I have. Realistically I’ll never have time and energy to post daily (unless I quit my job), and honestly I don’t think it would do good to anyone.

7. Create another weekly feature for the blog

Starting a weekly feature A Bit Of Literature a few months ago really helped me with not leaving my blog silent for long periods of time: not only do I usually always have something to write about every weekend, but I’m also forced to writing at least one regular post during the week as I don’t want my readers to see only literature posts from Inspiration Bit. Starting another weekly feature would encourage me to be more organized and efficient in achieving my goal #8.

6. Define a more clear focus for Inspiration Bit

From the very beginning I haven’t really had a clear vision of what kind of articles I’d like to be blogging about. All I knew is that I’d like to share with others what inspires me in the worlds of design, blogging, life. Thanks to my readers my topics were getting less blurry and more defined. However, I still feel that something is lacking in the direction this blog is taking and hopefully by achieving the goal #7 I would be able to steer Inspiration Bit more effectively.

5. Increase Guest Blogging

I’d like to be in a position to invite more bloggers to guest write for Inspiration Bit from time to time and promote my blog and my writing by guest blogging for others.

4. Interview more people who inspire us

In the past year I’ve interviewed three incredible bloggers: Daniel from DailyBlogTips, John from ILoveTypography and David Airey (whose domain has been hacked while David was on vacation, so please, update your bookmarks with his new blog’s address). I’d really like to interview more people, and hopefully Inspiration Bit would gain enough authority to ensure that I won’t be getting too many declines for my interview requests (as in the case with Matt Mullenweg – despite his initial agreement he never sent me his answers to my interview questions)

3. Launch and succeed in the Project of Projects

Two weeks ago I’ve asked all of you Would You Participate In A Collaborative Social Media Project that I plan on hosting in January. Several bloggers have already expressed their interest in partnering with me to organize all those projects. Thank you so very much. I’ll be posting the new and updated details about this project after Christmas and will launch it next month. Of course the success of this project depends on all participants, but I’ll do my best to organize it in an orderly fashion and work on promoting it.

2. Keep the existing number of RSS subscribers

Many bloggers are aiming for higher RSS numbers in the new year, but as for me I’m already grateful and feeling pretty humble that I managed to get over 500 loyal readers who find my writing and articles interesting enough to subscribe for the regular dose of Inspiration Bit. By keeping you all in the next year I’ll be getting a proof that I didn’t pollute this blog with useless writing, and that would hopefully lead to even more subscribers.

1. Give Inspiration Bit a major makeover

This is somethings that I’ve craved for a very long time – to design a custom unique theme for Inspiration Bit, yet I haven’t had a chance to do that. I can’t postpone it any longer (isn’t it ironic how designers often don’t get around to design their own sites?), it should happen sooner or later. I don’t know how realistic I am in wishing this to happen at least by January 1st, 2008, but it is definitely my most urgent goal.

How reasonable and achievable all those goals are only time will tell, but one thing I know for sure – my most important goal is to keep enjoying blogging without turning it into a mundane job and continue delivering posts that YOU find enjoyable and interesting to read.

What about you, what are your blogging goals for 2008?

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13 Insightful Bits in response to “8 Goals For Inspiration Bit In 2008”

  1. Hey Vivien,

    I hope to release perhaps one theme, a few more plugins, and maybe start another site.

    As for this site, I say keep up the good work. You’ve done fantastic.

    And have yourself a Merry Christmas with your husband and little one.

  2. Hi Vivien,

    Great ideas for the new year, and I’m sure you’ll make 2008 a big success.

    Thanks again for deeming me worthy of an interview. I enjoyed answering your questions. Also great of you to mention my new blog domain.

    Have a great Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas Vivien,

    I’m intending to do a more thorough job of designing my WordPress site, which I kind threw together to start with, as well as redoing the theme for my personal site; I would like to release it but I’ll need to see how good a job of it I do.

    Besides that I just plan to try and keep up the momentum.

  4. great post, as always. you know what, vivien, you are one of those very special bloggers who consistently posts high quality material. always a pleasure to read what you have to say.

    if you’re compiling a list of people to guest blog for you, would you put me on it?

  5. RSS readers are out of your control. I’d say better to focus on stuff you can control. I say this out of personal experience.


  6. Ina

    Absolutly beautiful Vivien!!! Thank you for sharing this story by Tolstoy. Read Ana Karenina when I was about 15 I think. Loved it! He (Tolstoy) is one of these special men! A genious!

    I am sure you will achive these goals (and much more!)! I am sure! Keep the focus, the dream, the vision and have a fantastic family time this Holiday Season!
    Sending much warmth from down here. The summer is just fantastic!

  7. I’m looking forward to the redesign. I’m pleased you won’t post every day; in fact I only subscribe to one blog that posts every day–usually it’s just too much. I think having a regular feature like Lit Bits is a good idea. I would love to see dark text on a light background! I think you’re right not to worry about RSS subscriber numbers–they don’t really mean very much; the comments are what count; and the community that your site makes. I think your blog was the second one I ever subscribed to! And I’ll most likely be here forever.

    Well, I’m looking forward to 2008. I hope that you can achieve and exceed all of your goals.

  8. Thanks everyone for the kinds words and wishes. Apologies for taking it too long to reply. You know how crazy things can get around Xmas.

    Ronald, I look forward to seeing more handy plugins from you. Good luck with the new theme(s), and wishing a very successful year for your RA project!

    David, I’m so happy you got your domain back. Congratulations! I’m glad that I interviewed you and John this year, next year you two will be too busy and way too famous to give me interviews :-)

    Andrew, I found out about your new WP blog from RA Project. What a great idea. Wishing you all the best with it! Good luck with the themes too!

    Isabella, it’s very encouraging to hear those words coming from you. I would love to have you guest write for Inspiration Bit – thanks so much for the offer. I even have a topic for you to write about already ;-) I’ll email you my thoughts.

    Damien, you’re right – I can’t control much RSS, but I can contribute to many other things that would make this blog find its reader.

    Ina, glad to see another reader of my lit bits. Could you please, send us some sunshine from the sunny NZ, I’m getting pretty tired from this half-rain half-snow we’re getting here lately? ;-)

    Johno, rest assured my new design will have dark text on the light bg. I’ve got it all in my head, and sketches, now I need to put it all down in action. You’re right – there are so many blogs in our RSS readers, and it would be rather impossible to read all of them if they all posted daily. All the best to you too with iLT, you’re doing an amazing job there!

    Happy New Year to you all. Let it bring you more reasons to smile and more achievements that you could be proud of.

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