When I was setting up my blog, I was of course browsing hundreds of WordPress themes to find the one I like. I’ve gone through all templates in WordPress Theme Viewer and many other sites with the Top 10, or Top 100 best WordPress themes. I found that what others thought to be exquisite didn’t fit my understanding of beauty.

So I’ve made my own list of themes that I liked, and decided to present you with 8 bits of my WordPress theme finds. I bet that there will be many who will disagree with my taste. But nevertheless, these 8 particular themes are very remarkable. I haven’t seen them to be used that often, unlike some very popular themes like MistyLook, ChaoticSoul, Hemingway and others. Which is what you want – unusual, interesting and elegant themes that can be customized to suit your taste and needs.

  1. Foliage Mod – by 5thirtyone
    This theme is very decorative and intriguing, features a very unusual and interesting “pull down” navigation menu (try pulling that label on the top right).
    Preview | Download
  2. Conestoga Street – by ThoughtMechanics
    This theme would quickly become favourite for any Typography fan, it’s characterized by a very clean and elegant style.
    Preview | Download
  3. MinimaPlus – by ThoughtMechanics
    This is another great theme from ThoughtMechanics. I was thinking of using this template for my blog at first, and who knows I might switch to this theme in future.
    Preview | Download
  4. Jentri – by ifelse
    This was Day 5 theme of a Theme a Day project from IfElse. It has a very sophisticated look, reminds me of a book – a great theme if you want to accentuate your site’s content. Plus, it’s easily customizable.
    Preview | Download
  5. UltraMinima Black – by Headsetoptions
    This theme takes a different approach on presenting the content to the readers – articles are displayed in two columns, which can be very appealing to many blog writers wishing to attract their readers to as many articles as possible in one visit.
    Preview | Download
  6. Skuteczni – by Headsetoptions
    Another attractive theme from Headsetoptions, this one with a different navigation system: the pages are listed on the top, but all Categories, Archives and other sections are displayed at the very bottom. It’s a perfect theme for corporate blogs.
    Preview | Download
  7. 2Exquisite 2.0 – by Kaushal Sheth
    This theme would be a great choice for business blogs. It can be easily customized to fit with a company’s website.
    Preview | Download
  8. v4ny17 – by Vanessa Ferreira
    This theme is ideal for all those who love unconventional styles with a bit of eccentricity. It has a lavish quirky look that would not appeal to everyone but would certainly be appreciated by some.
    Preview | Download

Do you have a favourite WordPress theme? I would love to see your picks.

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14 Insightful Bits in response to “8 Remarkable WordPress Themes”

  1. Thanks- I need to add Skuteczni – by Headsetoptions to my list.

  2. ibit

    You’re welcome, Nikki. It is a very interesting theme indeed.

  3. I think “Foliage Mod” is over-used but this is a good list. Wish I was with WordPress to try them out as well.. I wonder how that pull-down menu works?

  4. I love WP themes… there are loads and loads…huh…anyway I really long for more themes on Blogger which install without any hassles! :)

  5. Jess

    UltraMinima Black is very pretty! I really like WordPress themes, but I still go for the simple and plain.

  6. Hi, Vivien.
    I actually came across your blog via another blog where you posted an article about men and women being friends as well as a few other topics of interest. Your comments about Canadians struck a chord with me, as I fight those kind of stereotypes too, eh? :p

    I like your choices of templates. I have used a number of them on my old blog at various times. I’m currently trying to find one that I can easily turn into something that looks like a magazine. They are a bit tougher to nail down given the myriad of choices there are for WordPress themes, eh?

    I like your site a lot — very easy on the eyes, almost calming. I am bookmarking you and will be back to read up on some of your past articles. It seems that we both share similar interests in a number of topics!

    Best wishes,
    aka Nuclear Moose

  7. Vivien

    Hi Craig. Welcome to my blog. Thanks so much for your kind words and support. You’re right there are not many WP themes that look like a magazine. I did check out your brand new blog, and see that you did pick Brian Gardner’s theme that was on my mind when I read your comment. Perhaps you could customize it yourself to make it look more like a magazine, but it is a good theme to start with.

    Look forward to seeing you around here often. Good luck with blogging.

  8. great list. thanks for sharing this info

    please, take a look at my themes at http://www.theme-finder.net

  9. Oh wow I am a lover of the dark themes and I am just loving the one named v4ny17. Although you should have a better name with it though, maybe something easier to remember. Nice themes though, in fact I like yours too since green is my favorite color!

  10. Oh yes and I am loving the water and cloud scene in the 2Exquisite 2.0 it is surely my second favorite. I am not going to forget to tell my friends about these newly found themes.

  11. Thanks, Stephanie. Glad you found some new themes here. This post is rather old. There are lots of new great themes that were developed lately. Google is your best friend to find some good looking themes. ;)

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