There were many useful bits of information that I came across this past week. Here I’ve put together the most interesting 8 WWW bits: everything from News and Images collections to SEO to Typography to Humour.

  1. Wikipedia:Public domain image resources – Wikipedia offers an extensive list of resources of public domain images, carefully organized into categories: History, Art, Computers, Stamps, Logos and general collections.
  2. Damn Interesting – a collection of various interesting facts and ideas from the past, the present or anticipated in the future. Anything from Salem Witches, to Alcatraz, to the Deepest Hole – an ambitious project of Soviet researchers to drill “the Earth’s upper crust and sample the warm, mysterious area where the crust and mantle intermingle”. I’m sure if they publish a book with all their “damn interesting” stories, it’ll become a bestseller.
  3. Headline Remix Madness – Copyblogger ran a very interesting contest, asking his blog readers to submit their article titles that he would review and rewrite into a more effective blog headline. He posted some very helpful before and after headlines (too bad that I’ve missed the deadline to submit my titles).
  4. World’s greatest Brand names.Where do they come from? – ever wondered what’s the story behind such names like Adobe, Apache, Apple, Google, Hotmail? This article gives you short facts about them and many other tech brands.
  5. The Illustrated Guide to Duplicate Content in the Search Engines – Initially there were occasional cases of plagiarism on the Internet, but in the last years the chances that our content may be illegitimately duplicated by spammers has drastically increased. This article illustrates “the process for Google as it finds duplicate content on the web”.
  6. Humour – This page contains many amusing technical stories that will make you laugh at the end of you hard working day. Make sure to check out “The Use of Computers in Movies“, or “Upgrading to Wife 1.0“, or “Signs That You’ve Had Too Much Of The 90′s
  7. Web Typography Sucks – Typography slides and notes from SXSW 2007 conference, presented by Richard Rutter from Clearleft and Mark Boulton from Mark Boulton Design in a very informative and constructive way.
  8. Popurls – This site is a real time-saver for everyone addicted to the latest news or posts from some or all of the following sites: digg,, reddit, flickr, newsvine, YouTube, Googe news, Netscape news, Yahoo news, ifilm, slashdot, boingboing, fark and many others. All the latest posts on one site, just one click away.

I hope you found some of these bits helpful and worthy of your attention. What other useful sites have you discovered last week?

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4 Insightful Bits in response to “8 WorthWhile Weekly Bits: 11-18 March, 2007”

  1. That public domain image resource is great! I just spent way too much time looking through some photos. I had known about public domain images, but I didn’t know there was a Wikipedia resource that gathered them all up. That’s way cool, thanks.

  2. ibit

    You’re very welcome, Brian. Yes, Wikipedia has some very impressive collections of various resources. I wonder what other gems are hidden in Wikipedia’s pages :-)

  3. Hi,
    I hope you don’t mind if I share my web site which has hundreds of free public domain images. Thank you.

  4. ibit

    Hi Karen, of course I don’t mind – thanks for the link, it’s full of great images.

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