Sorry for a short delay with my WWW bits for this week, but it’s better late than never, don’t you agree?

  1. The Working Designer – Digital Web Magazine’s new column where talented web designers go behind the scenes of their web design processes and workflows. The first article in the series is walking us through an amazing redesign of ExpressionEngine site.
  2. Best of the Blogs – Web Design – I stumbled upon this Directory of blogs today. It costs $39.95 to have your blog listed there. So I’m wondering whether all these web design blogs paid to be featured there. And if yes, then how can this directory claim to call them Best Of the Blogs? They should add to their title – Best of the blogs that paid. Nevertheless, this Directory provides you with another way to promote your blog and find some other blogs in your niche.
  3. The Degradation of Digg’s Front Page – looks like I’m not the only one who doesn’t find anything interesting and fresh on Digg’s Front page anymore. MG Siegler writes about it over at Pronet Advertising
  4. Online Curriculum Vitae – everyone knows that in order to land your dream job, you need to have a killer resume. However, if you are a Web designer, having an online resume in addition to the standard PDF one, will make you to stand out in a crowd. Here’s one such resume to get your creative juices flow.
  5. The A-List Exists. No, Its Not Easy To Break Into. – Tony Hung tells it all about the A-Listers and hardships of successful blogging.
  6. Build a Photography Business in 24 Hours – Brian Auer has started very interesting series of articles on how to sell your photography online, what software to choose from, merchant accounts and much more.
  7. Photoshop Tutorials – CS2 – an exhaustive list of tutorials and resources for Photoshop CS2.
  8. Russian Mouse – are you tired of the same boring gray or white computer mouse? Take a look at those decorative mice designed by Russian company Russian Mouse. You can also get some fancy keyboard and a cellphone to boot.
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