Another week has passed. It’s unbelievable how time flies. Sometimes it feels like there are only three days in a week: Monday (a start of a new work week), Friday (finally, will be able to get some rest on the weekend) and then SaturSunday comes and goes so fast that I don’t even notice, and it’s Monday already. Plus, tonight we move our clocks one hour ahead, so this weekend will end even sooner.

Anyhow, here are the 8 Worthwhile Weekly (I’ll abbreviate them as WWW from now on) bits from the past week:

  1. Motiongrapher – Inspiration can be found in anything, and this site is a great source of inspiration for not only filmmakers, animators and motion graphic designers, but also for anyone who appreciates a quality work and imagination. Here are some of the motion design projects worth checking out:
  2. Illustration Friday – are you up to a weekly illustration/design challenge, then you should definitely check out this blog. Anyone can participate, and submit their projects. It’s also a great place to re-fill your creativity juices.
  3. Website Layouts Cookbok – This website provides over 500 layouts (Circular/Curved, Rectangular/Straight, Element/Artistic , Abstract/Surreal, Mechanical/Interface) and presents a visual reference for not only web designers but the clients as well. It’s up to your imagination as to what should be placed within those blueprints.
  4. 2007 SXSW Web Awards Finalists – Only sites launched or completely redesigned in 2006 were considered for the Awards. 16 categories in total, including Blogs, Art, CSS, Community, Tech, plus two additional awards – Best of Show and People’s Choice.
  5. Free Webmaster Radio – Talks about SEO, Affiliate marketing, Blog buzz, and much more.
  6. CSSTYPE – web safe typography online. Enter your text, choose your type from the list of Safe Fonts for web, font colour, font size, line height, letter spacing, padding, alignment – and watch how your text looks online in bold, italic, uppercase, lowercase, or normal.
  7. Google Zeitgeist – Search trends and patterns presented by Google – by week, month or a year.
  8. SFU Website Graphic Standards – Simon Frazer University (one of the top universities in Canada) has recently changed its brand, and offers two interesting PDF documents, outlining the entire branding process for Web and Print. You may find it helpful for your own projects.
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