I spend lots of time visiting, reading various websites and blogs every day. Of course, I bookmark the most interesting finds, and quite often I’m thinking that I’d like to blog about them. But instead of frequent short review posts I’ve decided to start new series featuring the most interesting Bits of Information that captured my attention this week and share them with my readers. I thought I better stick to it every week, so I’ll be posting my weekly reviews every weekend.

I’ve picked the following 8 sites for this week’s review:

  1. Adobe Magazine – free, online quarterly magazine for Creative Professionals – delivers “creative inspiration and practical techniques” in a PDF format. I found many interesting tutorials, resources on those magazine pages, so it’s definitely worth checking out.
  2. Know Your Type – I didn’t know that iStockphoto site has Articles section and this particular one is extremely useful for everybody. It talks about various effects that can be achieved with the right type choice and explains the anatomy of type in a very clear way. This article will finally answer your questions about leading, tracking, x-height, em-dash vs. en-dash, line length and much more.
  3. How to Choose the Right Font for Your Logo – This article has inspired me to write about 8 Clever Logos. The author talks about the importance of the effective communication through the right type, shows some famous logos as examples, points out the most common mistakes people make with their logos. Here’s just one of the things you can learn from this article: when using two fonts in your logo, “choose types that have the same shapes”. Make sure you click on a link to a related article from the same author on Tips for creating a logo
  4. Great Design – a must read interview with three well-known designers of our time: Cameron Moll, Jon Hicks and Veerle Pieters. They answer questions on the difference between good design and great design, designing on a budget, and three areas that make great design – typography, colors, grids. I was impressed with myself that I’ve pinpointed two of the most important aspects (color and typography) of a great design in my Visual Design series, but I wasn’t aware about the importance of grids.
  5. The Web Design Process – This is a comprehensive outline of the Web Design process described by Pop Stalin’s Designer. It covers 15 steps starting from talking to a client to creating wireframes to testing and site release. Programmers should add a few more steps to this process such as functionality diagram, database design, program flow and programming itself.
  6. BloggerTalks – Blog that talks to successful bloggers. Some of the latest interviews were with Alex King on WordPress community, Neil Platel on Pronet Advertising and Darren Rowse on the blogosphere. They also accept visitors suggestions on who should be interviewed next.
  7. 24 Ways to impress your friends. I’ve stumbled upon this excellent site with 24 remarkable resources for Web designers, developers back in 2005. But recently I came across a new collection of 24 ways for the year 2006. I wonder when 2007 list is coming up? The tutorials list includes topics on design, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript, XML and much more. This is one of the sites that everyone should have in their bookmarks.
  8. Browsershots – an open-source online application that will make screenshots of your website in different browsers. Just submit your URL, then select browsers (the choices include various browsers for different platforms – Linux, Win, Mac) and configuration. It takes some time, so bookmark the page and come back to see the results. They actually test your site in different browsers, take screenshots and upload to the server for you to preview. I’ve known about this site for quite some time, but decided to include it in my this week’s review as a bonus. I don’t need to tell you about the importance of testing your site in different browsers, so now there’s an easier way for you to do that.

If you want to see your articles being featured in my weekly reviews, contact me or comment here and if I find something interesting I’ll write about it on my blog with a link to your post. I don’t ask for anything in return. I just think that everyone deserves to be discovered and is entitled to read interesting bits of information from this infinite cyberspace.

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