Have you seen this tiny London apartment in the prestigious Knightsbridge neighborhood? Actually, it cannot be called an apartment, but rather a dungeon, a cell that would kill anyone’s inspiration – mine for sure. What’s more outrageous is that at only 77 sq. feet its asking price is $335,000 US, but nevertheless this apartment has already received three offers and might go to auction.

Everybody knows that London’s property market is hot and extremely expensive, but this goes beyond anything I’ve seen before. It doesn’t even have an electricity and needs a major renovation, it would cost an additional $59,000 to make this cell livable.

I wonder who are those three buyers, why would they invest almost $400,000 for a room where you can touch both opposite walls at the same time, with no windows, coffin-size shower, tiny sink and stove. I bet most prison cells are bigger and more luxurious than this “piece of jewel”. For that amount of money they could live in a hotel in London for a few years.

If you’re curious to read more about this place and see some photos, check out this exposé.

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2 Insightful Bits in response to “A London apartment that could kill anyone’s inspiration”

  1. Wow, I knew London was expensive, but that is expensive! Here, I doubt if even NY, SFO or LA would be that expensive. Where I live, that can buy you a mansion in the best part of town. :)

  2. ibit

    I agree, it’s outrageously expensive. I won’t be able to buy a mansion for that price in Vancouver, only a 2 bedroom condo, but still…

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