Hurrraaah! No more new contest announcements on this blog (at least not for some time). Now it’s time to give back and thank my readers. Today I’m announcing the winner of the First Contest with Inspiration Bit, who correctly identified all three small changes on this blog prior to March 27. The changes were:

  1. I’ve removed the “Blogroll”/“Links” section from the blog’s sidebar.
  2. I’ve edited the “Meta” section in the sidebar – removed Login and valid XHTML confirmation
  3. I’ve configured the comment options so that once your comment gets moderated by me, afterwards all your consequent comments are approved automatically

And the Winner is…Avinash. Congratulations! Your prize is an interview with me on this blog. I will prepare the questions and post your answers here within a week or so (depending on your availability).

Update on other Inspiration Bit contests

  1. Tomorrow I will announce two more winners from the Second Contest with Inspiration Bit
  2. There’s still more time left to enter and win the Third Contest with Inspiration Bit – The Top Commentator wins $50 Amazon Gift Certificate. So get active and comment here, but please keep in mind that only “insightful comments” will be taken into a consideration and final count of all your comments. All one-liners that were commented just for the sake of commenting will be removed.
  3. Only two people have participated in the Fourth Contest with Inspiration Bit so far. If nobody else participates both these commenters will automatically become the winners of this contest.
  4. Finally, everyone still has a chance to enter my Fifth Contest with Inspiration Bit. So go ahead, subscribe to my RSS feed and win a very cool prize.

Good luck everyone and thank you all for participating in my contests and having fun!

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4 Insightful Bits in response to “And the Winner is…”

  1. Congrats to Avinash! Looking forward to the other results :)

  2. wow! Someone please teach me western dance! LOL

    Thanks a lot for giving me a chance to participate in the contest! I’m glad to see myself as a winner of your first contest.

    @Shankar Ganesh ji: Thanks!

  3. Congrats Avinash. I look forward to the interview.

  4. Jess

    Congrats Avinash. I can’t wait to see what the interview results will be! It should be rather interesting.

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