Today I realized that I forgot to mention another plugin in my Handy WordPress Plugins list. A while ago I wrote how to create teasers with a More quick tag in my post How to tease your blog readers and gain more page views. But after upgrading to WordPress 2.1 I’ve noticed that the posts in my feeds are not displaying in full anymore, even though I’ve specified to use a Full feed in my RSS feeds setup. It turned out that the More link is activated in my full feeds as well, thus not displaying the entire posts anymore.
I have searched all over the internet for any advice on how to fix this problem, but to no avail.

Until one day, Ronald from Devlounge, replied to my question about this problem and directed me to a Full Text Feed plugin on I’ve quickly installed this plugin and my posts are displayed as full feeds. Many thanks to the 18 year old author of this plugin – Ronald Heft.

I wonder why starting from WordPress 2.1 it’s breaking an RSS feed at the More tag by default. This contradicts to the understanding of a Full feed. If I wanted to break my posts in RSS, I would’ve set up partial feeds. I think everyone knows now that it’s better to use full feeds in RSS, nobody likes to read partial RSS feeds.

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  1. Vivien,

    The post at Devlounge was about full feeds vs. partial feeds. And some weird guy named Ronald helped you.

  2. ibit

    Thank you so much, Ronald. I thought it was you, but wasn’t 100% sure, and I was actually hoping that you’ll comment on that. I tried searching for posts on Feeds over at Devlounge, but it didn’t produce the correct results. I’ve updated my post now :-)

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