It looks like Apple found another word to attach an “i” to – iPhone.
Apple’s 1984 invention – Macintosh – has changed the computer industry, in 2001 Apple shocked the music industry with their iPod, and now, in 2007 Apple is taking the phone industry to a new step. What can be smarter than smartphones – iPhones.

Here are the Top 8 features of the new iPhone:

  1. No more keys nor stylus, the iPhone uses new technology called “Multitouch”
  2. Runs Mac OS X
  3. iPhone synchronizes through iTunes
  4. 2 megapixel digital camera
  5. 3.5-inch, 160 dot-per-inch color screen
  6. Speaker, microphone and iPod dock connector
  7. Synchronizes contacts from a PC or Mac, featuring “Visual Voicemail”
  8. iPhone’s text messaging interface looks similar to iChat with a touch keyboard

How much this beauty would cost?
The price will be $499 with a two year contract for a 4GB model, or an 8GB model for $599. It’s expected to be released in the United States in June.

Check out the official iPhone website. As usual, the toy looks pretty cool and inspirational :-)

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