Matt Mullenweg, the genius behind WordPress, has kindly agreed for an interview with Inspiration Bit. I’ve already prepared 12 questions, and decided to give my readers a chance to ask Matt what would you like to know about him.

Please, post your questions here by March 29 and I’ll pick 3-4 best ones and include in my interview. I will even mention your name with a link to your site. Consider it being an early prize from Inspiration Bit :-)

Thanks. Look forward to getting your questions.

Update: unfortunately despite his initial agreement Matt Mullenweg never sent me his answers to my interview questions.

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6 Insightful Bits in response to “Ask Matt Mullenweg”

  1. Please ask him what kind of plans are in the pipeline to make multi-author blogs more CMS friendly. The problems I see already are roles, permissions, and e-mails. Are we going to rely on third-party plugins and/or add-on packages for this functionality, or is the WP team going to release something on their own?

  2. I’d like to ask Matt how close he thinks the current state of blogging is to the pinnacle of personal publishing and what his visions are for the medium to long-term future of the medium.

  3. ibit

    Thanks guys, you asked some great questions. Definitely worth asking Matt about.

    Any other questions?

  4. Since everybody is ready to ask useful, blogging and WordPress related questions to him, could you please ask a useless question? If you can, I would love to know his most favorite music band! :D


  5. ibit

    Actually, one of my questions to Matt is about his passion for Jazz, so I’ll include your question there.

  6. Jazz! Cool! It’s one of my favorite music genres. Gotta wait for his answer. :)


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