What’s your biggest accomplishment with your blog that makes you feel very proud? Simonne from AllTipsAndTricks is hosting a group writing project where she asks this very question: “What is your best blogging achievement?”

For some bloggers the answer may lay in the amount of money they managed to earn with their blog, or the number of RSS subscribers they scored in a short time, perhaps it’s the high page rank that makes their heart beat with excitement. Oh, and some bloggers may think that they got it all by reaching Technorati’s Top 100.

Perhaps if I happened to achieve any of the above mentioned accomplishments by other bloggers, my answer would be similar to those ones. But then, perhaps it wouldn’t.
As it stands today my answer is very simple: my best blogging achievement are all those friends I found in my loyal readers, in fellow bloggers, the conversations that some of my posts ignite on InspirationBit, and comments like the ones below that make my day.

When I told Simonne that I hope I’d have time to participate in her project, she kindly offered: “Hey Vivien, if you think you need some more time, I can push a little bit the deadline.”

It feels so encouraging when my blogging friends promote me and my blog with praise on their own blogs.
Like Brian did on his successful photography blog Epic Edits, by broadcasting to all his readers “I enjoy reading your thoughts and bits of inspiration on your blog, and I’ll continue to read for as long as you write.”

It meant a lot to me when David wrote these words in his reply to my comment on his blog: “if you were to write an article upon my return, it’d be an honour. I know how much effort you put into your blog posts.”

When Kristarella has mentioned Inspiration Bit among other several well-known and respectful blogs that she researched for her study of the blog architecture, I felt very honoured, of course, but when she responded to my gratitude: “You’re welcome inspirationbit. You can probably thank LaurenMarie – she speaks highly of you”, my heart melted. Thank you, Lauren.

Thanks to Aaron for thanking me and others in his centennial post: “Vivien – Thanks for continuing to write an excellent blog and, well, inspiring me”.

Thanks to John for his encouragement with my lit bits: “This is my calm place set away from the hordes of Web 2.0, Blogs about blogging, etc, etc. “

I don’t want this post to sound like a long list of Testimonials, so I will wrap up with the examples. My biggest blogging achievement is not getting comments like that, but making my readers and friends feel the way they do about my blog, my writing and well, me. Ronald from once told me that he would feel “heartbroken” if I disabled comments on my blog. I would never ever do that on InspirationBit, because the dialogue with my readers is the main reason I blog. It’s through the comments I discover new blogs and make new friends in the blogiverse. Take the comments away from this blog and InspirationBit would lose its inspiration.

So thanks to all of you, my loyal readers, who come here not only to read but also to talk to me. And here’s a bit of Link Love to you all, to show my appreciation. Thank you Joey, dandellion, Bes, Tara, Paul, Char, Isabella, Rory, pearl, Chris, Stephen, kriz cpec, Joseph, Shankar, Jacob, Madhur, Shelly, Natalie, ajay. I look forward to making more friends and discovering more new blogs through the comments on this blog.

Now head to Simonne’s blog, participate in her group writing project – my best blogging achievement and win some awesome prizes. The deadline is December 4th.

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22 Insightful Bits in response to “Best Blogging Achievement”

  1. Thank you for participating, Vivien, and thank you for the beautiful words. Indeed this is the best part of blogging, and I’m glad for all the online friends I’ve made this year.

  2. Thanks Vivien. You’ve got a very warm and welcoming environment here and thats great for fun comments and discussion.

    I’d say my proudest achievement doing writing is finding out some speculation or article that I’ve written gets cited in some message board or other article. Thats always pretty neat to see.

  3. Thank you so much for the link, Vivien. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for the mention Vivien. It’s been great stumbling upon your blog and participating in your blog group writing project has been a meaningful achievement too.

  5. Hey Vivien: thank you so much for the link…. you know I love your blog ‘coz I’ve told you so before :) This is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing that we are able to exchange views with people in different time zones, cultures and traditions, and provide support, encouragement and inspiration!

  6. Thank you for the link love, Vivien. I’d say you have achieved a great deal! I know I’ve told you that I love your blog. I just wish I had more time for reading!

  7. Thanks for the mention, Vivien. BTW, I have added a hyperlink to your blog before seeking your permission/approval, hope you don’t mind.
    One last thing, Keep this good work up :)

  8. This is what I get for missing my blog reading last week! I’m late on seeing how kind you are! I am smiling as much as you do when you receive nice compliments. Thank you, Vivien!! Wasn’t that compliment from Kristarella fabulous? I think this is a GREAT entry into Best Blogging Acheivements. It is awesome to make such wonderful friends online! I agree with Pearl’s observation about getting to know so many people from all over the world. It’s exciting, isn’t it?! I’m glad we are friends, Vivien :D

  9. Thanks for the link loving! :D Your blog has been in my feed reader since day one for me – and I have no intention of removing it! ;)

  10. Thanks to you all, ladies and gentleman. You’re the reason that I’m still blogging.

    Simonne, I look forward to more interesting group writing projects from you next year.

    Chris, that is amazing indeed to find other blogs quoting you. I can’t quite describe that feeling, but it is a pleasant one ;-)

    Rory, thank you for stopping by. Keep in touch and don’t disappear for too long ;-)

    Ajay, glad you’re not sorry for stumbling upon this blog. Look forward to your participation in my future projects as well.

    oh, Pearl, thanks for those kind words. It’s so true what you say about people/friends from all over the world.

    Shelly, the same is true with me – I wish I was reading your blog more often. Only today did I find about your charitable cause. I’ll be writing about it soon, giving it more exposure.

    Kriz, of course you can link to my blog. Didn’t know that we need to ask permission for linking ;-) On the contrary, thank you for the link.

    Lauren, I’m glad we’re friends too! Yes, nice compliments can certainly turn one’s mood from grey to rosy.

    Like the one from Paul today.
    Thanks, pal. It’s definitely an honour for me to have my blog included in your feed from day one!

  11. Vivien, you have a really beautiful blog design and your post reminded me of something that use to be very dear to my heart.

    I think that blogs are very similar to bulletin board systems (BBSes) in that the heart of the blog or the BBS is that ability to connect people together….

    Btw, did the Vancouver experience the snow, heavy rain, and then flooding that we had south of the border last week?

  12. Thank you, Aaron. I agree – blogging should be about people, connections in the first place.

    Yes, we did have a big snow last week, followed by the heavy rain. On December 1st we woke up in our new house and saw how the snow covered everything outside the window, including some of our stuff that we didn’t have time to take out from the patio. ;-)
    I hope it snows again, so that I could take my daughter for a sled right – we were so busy that day that didn’t have time for some fun :-(

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