With 197 posts under the belt of Inspiration Bit I’m bound to have articles that are melting into the past just like that 2007 candle above. Did you ever wonder how many sites have you visited in the past year, how many articles have you read? It must be somewhere between fifty to hundred thousand, if not more. Who can blame you for not remembering some or even most of the old articles? I guess that’s when you can tell right away which are the best posts of the past year – the ones that you do actually remember as if you read them only yesterday. If I were to ask you, which old articles from Inspiration Bit are the most memorable for you, what would your answer be? I would love to read your responses, because they would most accurately represent the best Inspiration Bits in 2007.

Add to that the ever rising number of subscribers on this blog. By looking at my feedburner shot you can see that the feed count started to increase drastically in summer and fall of 2007.
feed count
But what about all those posts published in winter and spring prior to the rise in popularity? How many of us are diligently exploring the archives of the blogs that we only recently discovered? I’m the first one to admit that I do like digging into the past articles of the blogs that made a big impression on me, but if there are hundreds of such articles, I just don’t have enough time to read them all.

To help highlight otherwise buried old articles some bloggers feature them on a monthly basis. I was thinking of doing the same, but then I was concerned about my devoted readers getting bored with having to read those monthly post reviews. On the other hand something definitely needs to be done to direct new readers to our old articles. I’m curious to read your thoughts on this issue and I’ll be dedicating a post on this as well in a week or so. For now I’ve decided it’s a good idea to feature some of my better articles from the last year. Check them out, perhaps even some of the long-time readers of this blog will discover something that they’ve missed, or wouldn’t mind reading again, and hopefully this showcase will help the new readers to dive deeper into the waters of Inspiration Bit and unveil some hidden bits.

As for the new plans for Inspiration Bit in the year 2008, I’ll be starting a new regular feature on a weekly basis: DOS and DON’TS that will cover topics on different aspects of design, blogging, relationship and life. There will be also another new monthly feature titled CONVERSATIONS where I’ll be conversing rather than interviewing a number of people who inspire us with their talent or accomplishments. I would also like to define a better focus for Inspiration Bit and I would really appreciate your input here:

  1. Which past articles on Inspiration Bit were the most memorable for you?
  2. What type of posts do you favour the most, what topics would you like me to focus on more?
  3. What topics/posts are your least favourite?
  4. What changes/additions would you like to see on Inspiration Bit, in terms of its content, structure, focus? (I’m not asking about the design, as I can predict there will be lots of requests, and I am still working on a new design, so please be patient with me on this one)

And now, without any further ado, here are the best or not bits of Inspiration Bit in 2007:



Typography and Colour:



Happy new year of blogging to everyone. I look forward to getting your input on what are your most memorable Inspiration Bits and general feedback.

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13 Insightful Bits in response to “Best Inspiration Bits in 2007”

  1. Many blogs use monthly recap type post to point out things readers may have missed. I tend to ignore those posts along with the Friday recap and round up type posts.

    I did see something the other day I kind of liked. It was on Earners Blog. He has a section just below his RSS and Email signup feed broken into three categories you can toggle. One is Tops Posts, then Most Commented and the third is Recomended. I have seen this type of interface on a few other blogs but this is the only one I could remeber exactly where it was.

  2. Joey, thanks for that posts example, I did check it out. I’ve seen it on some other blogs, but Earners blog has it right at the top of the sidebar, while others had in the footer. It’s really neat, and it definitely helps to highlight some old posts without taking much space.

  3. Hmm Looks like I will be staying on your site for a while trying to read your posts :) BTW, how does your guest posting work?

  4. Hey Jacob, welcome to Inspiration Bit. Hope you’ll enjoy reading my inspiration bits, look forward to your thoughts, comments. As for guest writing, see my page on Guest Bits, and if you still have questions after that, feel free to ask. Thanks for subscribing and your interest in guest writing.

  5. Alright will keep in mind, will probably do one in the next couple of days…

  6. 1. Which past articles on Inspiration Bit were the most memorable for you?
    I like the ones where you compile details you notice. The one that sticks out the most to me is the Focus on the Details and Get Inspired.

    2. What type of posts do you favour the most, what topics would you like me to focus on more?
    Inspiration of course! Be it from art, design, literature… and I love seeing people’s processes. How they came up with a look or discovered a concept. And you always seem to find things around the Web that I’ve never seen. I like it when you share cool stuff with us. And it doesn’t just have to be Websites. I will never forget that you introduced me to Contact Juggling (I’ve shown that video to so many people!)

    3. What topics/posts are your least favourite?
    I would not say “least favorite” but ones that if I don’t have time I skip over are the Lit Bits :( BUT!! Only because the short stories are still a bit long for the Web and I have a difficult time tracking from line to line after reading on the screen for a while. Yes, I know I need to stop being lazy and print them out.

    4. What changes/additions would you like to see on Inspiration Bit, in terms of its content, structure, focus?
    I like your idea of having a weekly (or maybe even monthly or quarterly) feature. And I think you could do a roundup post at the end of the month to give a peak into your past articles. They don’t have to be from that month either. Maybe you choose a theme, like Web design or maybe they are posts from a particular category (like you did above). You could also intersperse some links on a similar topic from other blogs. Ooo, that’s a good idea! Maybe I’ll adopt that, too :D

    Oh, and one last note: DOS helps run Windows… I just see that every time I look at it! Perhaps change it to DOs (with a lowercase s)? I know that it shouldn’t have an apostrophe, though, thanks to John!

  7. One more thing: I’d like to see a Recent Articles list in the sidebar. It’s kind of a design thing, but it’s content, too, and I wish I could move faster through the five or so most recent articles (to check new comments, reference the titles for links in my articles and such)

  8. Lauren, thanks so much for answering to all my questions – very helpful.
    Yes, I was planning on adding Recent Articles list, but then got sidetracked and thought of adding it to the new design. Which plugin do you use for your Recent articles?
    hehe, I was wondering if anyone else notices the resemblance of DOS with the operating system ;-) I’ll use lower “s” in the future posts.
    re: my lit bits. I know that many readers just skip them, but those who read are enough for keep me going. If I get a comment that they’ve never read that author, but after reading my bit, went to get as book by that author, that’s what makes it all worthwhile. Plus, it encourages me to do read books other than design-related ones ;-) And I get quite a traffic from Search engines – people looking for those stories.
    Ok, I’ve noted all your comments, will keep them all in mind, and try my best. Thanks again!

  9. The recent articles list on my blog is just a WP widget; it comes installed w/ WP!

  10. I didn’t have it in my existing theme, so I looked for it in other themes and finally got the right code. You can see my Recent Bits on the sidebar now. Thanks, Lauren.

  11. Awesome! I love the “bits” theme of your blog. Are you thinking about incorporating that into your new design?

  12. Yes, I’ll definitely try to incorporate the “bits” part as much as possible ;-)

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