After being silent for a few days, I’d like to finally show up on my blog and talk to you all. I really miss the interaction and conversations with my readers. Many things have happened in the last 10 days that could be safely labeled as “crazy” or “unbelievable”. But believe it or not, those events did occur and they “beg” me to be talked about.

Far away from home

The biggest change that recently took place in my life is flying on a business trip to Europe, for the first time leaving my husband and daughter to “survive” on their own (and build a stronger bond with each other) for one long week. As I’m writing this post from my hotel in Norway, I can’t help but wonder, what would’ve I done without an internet to stay in touch with my family. I’m talking not only about the essential email exchange, but chats on IM, and even talking in real time over the Skype phone, and what’s more – actually seeing my daughter’s face over the Skype video chat, watching her play, communicating with my family, noticing how much my husband misses me, but what a great job he does as a father. I’ve also purchased Skype credit that allows me to call on the land line anywhere in the world.

I know that I’m not the only mother who went on a business trip, so I won’t be complaining how hard it is to stay away from my loved ones for such a long period of time. Instead, I would really appreciate if my readers would give me some tips and suggestions on how to make this separation easier for all three of us, how to stay in touch with my family, while getting enough sleep despite the 9 hours difference between us? So far my 2 year old daughter is doing not bad, didn’t really cry for mama that much. But how would she react when I finally come back home? Would she forgive me leaving her? Would she be happy to see me back? So, all you mothers and fathers, please share with me and everyone else in my situation your experience with this.

Buried alive

digg_12.jpg Another huge thing that happened very unexpectingly is for Inspiration’s Bit Group Project Article being Dugg and reaching the coveted #1 spot on Digg’s front page on May 27th. Currently 807 diggs are decorating the Digg number count on the dugg artcile.

Of course watching the numbers climb was insanely amazing. What’s even more astonishing is the fact that most project participants have received their share of traffic increase from having the link to their article from the dugg project page. I was pleasantly surprised that so many diggers have actually clicked on those links and visited the individual articles. I’m sure some of them might even subscribed to your blogs.

I was also surprised to find out how many people have bookmarked this article on within a day of being featured on Digg:

Once again, special thanks to all the group project participants who made this happen. Hopefully your stat numbers would stay at the hight point long after the Digg effect wears out. Thanks to Joey and Simonne for sending me their traffic increase numbers. It would be really great if all participants could share with us their up to date statistics numbers affected by the project’s success on Digg.

Spellbound by Numbers

stAs you can see from my last week’s statistics, over 17K people have visited this blog in one day, in addition to some 3000 people from the last few hours of the night before when the article was dugg. I was extremely happy that my blog has survived the Digg attack, and didn’t go down, thanks to my wonderful hosting company. Even though I still get occasional visitors from Digg, the traffic is slowly getting back to normal, although it is higher than b.d (before digg). From the average 400 daily visits, it is now increased to 600-800 visits per day.

rssThe blog’s RSS feed count has touched the sky in blogiverse by showing off over 270 new subscribers (where did they all go, btw? ) the day a.d. (after digg). Will it ever go back to #379 naturally, I don’t know – only time will tell. I’m not planning on catering to an average digger, I rather concentrate on writing interesting, valuable and inspiring articles to keep readers wanting to come back for more.

Technorati news

Only a month ago, I shared with you my blog’s Technorati numbers:
May 5 – Authority: 192; Rank: 20,507; 364 links; 79 fans

As of today the numbers are:
June 4 – Authority: 302; Rank: 12,461; 675 links; 87 fans

So even though Digg’s traffic increase is very temporary, it does affect the blog’s ranking, authority and readership base in the long run. Of course, links from the group project participants also played a substantial role in building up the Authority of this blog. For me, however, the best outcome was that 37 amazing articles have inspired thousands of visitors and more than 30 remarkable blogs got a chance to reach a broader audience and some new loyal readers.

Guest Bit

Last but not least, some of you may noticed a new Page on my blog – Guest Bit, where I extended an official invitation to all of you to guest write for Inspiration Bit. So please, if you haven’t yet read the blogging rules and incentives of writing for Inspiration Bit, be sure to check out Guest Bit page and contact me with your topics and suggestions for guest articles. I would really love to hear from you soon and look forward to feature more guest writers on this blog.

Oh, and there is another bit of news is pleading to be mentioned about: I was approached by a very famous author/designer (who inspired millions of web and graphic designers) to be interviewed by Inspiration Bit. So stay tuned and make sure you’re subscribed to my RSS feed and regularly reading this blog.

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  1. Thanks for the update, I had been waiting for my Inspirationbit fix. About your questions on being away from the family it sounds like you have the contact methods down. Isn’t the internet wonderful.

    As for when you come home I’m sure everyone will be glad to see you and accept you home with open arms. I only have one child left at home and while my wife and I were on our last trip she didn’t miss us at first. But by the time we got back she was really glad we were home and she was reminded again that her parents aren’t that bad. She’s a teenager by the way.

    I did pick up a handful of feed subscribers during the Blog Project Digg experience.

    Thanks again and have a productive trip.

  2. Vivien,

    Don’t get too depressed as far as the feed subscribers go. You’ve experienced the Digg effect, and unfortunately very few people will stick around.

    I’m glad your TA increased. That is awesome.

    That’s awesome that you now allow guest writers officially. I look forward to what others will have to share.

  3. Hey, Vivien, you got closer to my place! It’s still a long way to go from Norway to Romania, but who knows, maybe your company is going to do some business here some day :).

    I read about your Guest Bit and I will definitely participate.

    I’m looking forward to read the interview you promised.

  4. Hey! I go with Ronald. Feed readers count is something that you’ll get back in the long run and it’s not reliable too. And you’ve showed some pretty awesome stats.

    Have a great trip!

  5. Well done for surviving being Dugg – and congratulations on the rise in traffic, which is always nice!

    Have a save journey! :)

  6. Congratulations on the being on the first page of digg from me too. My visitors definitely increased so thank you. I had been getting on average (according to my 1and 1 stats) about 1000 unique visits a day, but this increased to about 2500 for a day during the “source of inspiration” peak.

    I hope you manage to enjoy your business trip, even though you miss your family.

  7. mac

    hi, I’m just checking in, as a digger who is now subscribed to your feed :)

  8. Vivien

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments.

    Joey, internet is the 8th Wonder of the World.

    Ronald and Shankar, I don’t worry about RSS, just had to mention about it :-)

    Simonne, actually my boss was in Romania last week. Hopefully, there will be another business trip to Romania and they would send me :-)

    Paul and Tara, thanks for the congratulations. Tara, I’m really glad you have such an increase in traffic as well.

    Mac, I’m really glad you’ve subscribed to my feed. Hope you won’t consider it to be a mistake, at least not in a near future :-)

  9. Glad I read this today, I have a site meter and do google analytics, but for me, blogging is a hobby and I don’t get into the numbers so much. However, as a lark, I just checked and yes! I had 123 visitors on May 28th, with my average the rest of the month around 40.

    I enjoyed writing the Inspiration post and look forward to another group project soon.
    At this point, I am still reading through the other inspiration posts and they have been really different and good. Thank you again for the opportunity.

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