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Almost two weeks ago I’ve shared with you my sketches and ideas for Inspiration Bit’s new design. Simultaneously I was playing with the new logo variations for my blog.

Rather than dedicating only one day to designing a new logo I let it develop in my mind slowly, and was sketching out different ideas for 10-15 min every other day while commuting to work or back home. This way I wasn’t going in circles around the same idea or variations of it. Actually, I wasn’t even taking my notepad out until a brand new idea for a logo was lighting up in my mind, and then I was merely putting it down and then trying out various alterations.

Logo Directions

At first I was simply playing with the combinations of the “I” and “B” letter shapes. Then I wrote down some kind of associations with Inspiration Bit: flight of inspiration, bird, ocean, beauty, thinking outside the box, freedom, inspired person, growth, tree, looking up. That’s where you see all those sketches below.

Logo Ideas - part I

Later on I thought about all the questioning that I like getting into on this blog, all the curiosity that drives me to blog. So I started experimenting with a question mark.

Logo Ideas - part II

The next time I took out my notepad I drew an “i” with a joined “B” and its reflection. It looked like a butterfly. Eureka! That’s what I was looking for – of course a butterfly – a delicate creature that inspires us with its stunning colours, exquisite wings, magical transformations. It’s true that butterflies are short-lived, but what a mystical and beautiful lives they must be experiencing (unless… well, let’s not talk about the sad things…).

Are we there yet?

After a few sketches I switched to Illustrator until finally I came up with this new logo. What do you think of it? Do you like it or hate it, or neither – don’t hate, but don’t quite like either?

new logo inspiration bit

I haven’t yet decided on colours nor committed to that particular typeface for the title and would appreciate your feedback and suggestions. I might be playing with the different types for “Inspiration” and “Bit”, or simply keeping the “BIT” part in all caps.

Here are eight more alternative typefaces I tried for Inspiration Bit, which one appeals to you the most?

eight title logo variations

If you have any other propositions for the typeface, or logo, I’m all ears (and eyes).

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24 Insightful Bits in response to “Blog Redesign: New Logo”

  1. Great start, Vivien.
    I like the iB. Not sure about the rest.. I like Meta Serif bold italic in the last one! Very dynamic. How about Ambroise–sophisticated and elegant, like a certain blogger I know ;)

  2. It’s WINNER in my opinion, up to the ‘BIT’ at the end.

    I think the font is a bit harsh at that end point.

    But I love the rest of it. And I like the idea of getting your readers involved with the ongoing design decisions. Good work.

  3. Like Johno already said, the iB looks nice. I like it. As for the typeface, it has a nice old style look. As I see it anyway. I’m not so sure about the all capital “BIT”. It has a certain technological or techy feel to it. I don’t think it mixes well with the sensitive butterfly logo, so I would suggest to go for the “Bit”. That’s my opinion anyway. I’m sure you’ll come up with something nice

  4. Wow, that iB sure looks very funky Vivien ;)

    But frankly I don’t like the idea of keeping the ‘BIT’ in caps, but that’s just my opinion :)

  5. I was looking forward to this post… I like the butterfly concept, I saw it straight away before reading your post… I never thought about the short lived thing.

    Maybe the lines are a bit thin especially on the left side of the B.

    I like number 7 font, however you need to adjust the leading to make it tighter. I also liked the one you have now with the up and down letters.

    Have you done anything more on the actual blog design?

  6. Love the butterfly – very nice! I like the #3 font, and Johno’s expert suggestion is of course a good one. Thanks for showing us all your sketches!

  7. I LOVE the logo! Beautiful. I also like the font for ‘inspiration’…it has just a ‘bit’ of playfulness to it which compliments the logo well. I am not sure about the all-caps BIT either. What about going with a script font for that part?

  8. Excellent start, Vivien.

    Like Johno, I particularly enjoy #8 for the typeface.

    In the 1st sketch image, my favourite is the 2nd from right in the middle column.

    In the 2nd sketch image, my favourite is the 3rd from right on the top row.

    Great to see sketches!

  9. The more I look at that iB, the more I like it.
    Myriad looks quite nice for the “Bit” [link]

    I put a link here because I couldn’t embed an image.

  10. Thanks everyone for your valuable feedback.

    Johno, did you try embedding an image with IMG SRC=”" and it didn’t work? I just edited your comment and added the IMG tag, the image now shows up. I remember you were having some issues on iLT with embedding images in the comment, how did you end up fixing it?

    Thanks so much for taking time and trying out Meta Serif with Myriad for me. I do like BIT in Myriad, but not sure about the bolder and bigger “i” at the beginning – it will be competing with the actual butterfly logo.
    I really like Ambroise, it looks gorgeous for I Love Typography, because you can see those stunningly distinct “y” and “g” in your blog’s title. Ambroise also features a beautiful “k” letter. However none of those letters are present in Inspiration Bit, that’s why I didn’t go with it in the first place. I’ll experiment some more with your suggested fonts, and will offer everyone a second look.

  11. Martin, I’m really glad I decided to document my re-design process online and get everyone involved in it.

    Stelian, I do kind of want to inject some techy feel to my new logo – after all that’s why I chose the word BIT in the first place – inspiration in a digital world.

    I should’ve mentioned a curious fact about the font with the up and down letters that I initially chose for Inspiration Bit. After trying it out I looked up its designer and wow – he’s from Vancouver, Canada as well. Is it just a coincidence or something more?

    Shankar, glad you liked my funky iButterfly ;-) Ok, I better start keeping track how many people are not crazy about the BIT in caps. :-)

    Jacob, I did a bit more on the actual blog design, planning on having something ready to show next week, so stay tuned ;-) #7 font is National, also was suggested by John (as well as Meta Serif). I should try mixing up serifs and sans serifs in Inspiration Bit, similar to what John created above.

    Randa, you’re very welcome. Thanks for weighing in and liking my butterfly.

    Jill, that’s another good idea – trying a Script for the Bit part, should look into that – thanks!

    David, even I had to scroll up&down to see which logo variations were your favourite ones ;-) Does it mean that you don’t like that much the current iB butterfly?

  12. Sorry, I was just having fun with the “i”; I have a thing for italic i’s :)
    >…you were having some issues on iLT with embedding images in the comment, how did you end up fixing it?

    Well, I didn’t fix it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m pretty sure that it has something to do with the editable comments plugin (someone–I don’t remember who, pointed this out to me); am yet to find a fix.

    Yes, I think you’re absolutely right to think about the actual letterforms contained with your “inspirationbit” (no real opportunity for ligatures in there either, though some fonts offer a cool sp ligature–just thinking aloud).

    What’s the next step for you after the logo?

    Oh, and Feijoa might be worth looking at too; and if you want to go Dutch, then Ourtype.de has (in my opinion) some of the most wonderful types in existence–I got all excited just typing that…Amalia, Arnhem, Sansa Soft semi-bold…OK, cold shower time for me.

  13. hahaha, don’t get too cold there, John ;-)
    Thanks for your type inspirations. THat Ourtype.de is amazing. Now I can’t wait to try them all out.

    What’s next? I’ll be showing you my drawings for the blog’s design next week.

  14. Paul Walker

    the logo graphic looks great – though I’m not a fan of the type treatment (especially the descender on the ‘t’). From the alternatives you’ve suggested, I most like 4 & 7, though 4 looks a bit too condensed. From the top of my head, I think it would look great in Didot regular (I’m not to great at guessing fonts, but i think 4 is a condesed Didot – or at least something very similar

  15. hello there –

    i stumbled upon your blog through a Google Alert for my biz name. what a happy accident! i love the butterfly logo – it’s just divine. :)

  16. Hey Vivien. I really like #8 above. It’s a very personable font and seems to go with how you write and interact with us. Just my 2 cents.

  17. Thanks, Paul. #4 font on that list is BodoniXT. I did try Didot Regular, but it’s a bit too thin for what I’d like to use.

    Jolene, welcome to Inspiration Bit and thanks for the compliments. That is quite a coincidence – if I hadn’t called the butterfly a “delicate creature” (exactly like the name of your business), you would’ve not stumbled upon this blog/post ;-)

    Ronald, thanks for your 2 cents, though they’re more like 2 dollars ;-)

  18. Hi Vivien,

    It’s not that I don’t like the current iB butterfuly symbol (it’s very creative), just that I prefer those two sketches I mentioned – particularly the second one, as I think it has a better balance, and would also work great as a favicon.

  19. I like the IB very much, and out of all typefaces, I think the best one is the one you’ve chosen to illustrate the logo. I like it because the letters are not perfectly aligned. The first thing that comes to my mind is freedom, maybe because the “t” doesn’t end where it would have been expected to. Or maybe I got this feeling because I remembered the movie Butterflies Are Free.

    However, the idea of the computer bits (I don’t know exactly how to call them, but you know, those ones who travel in bunches of 8) is lost.

  20. If you go with the butterfly, I really like the font you have in the very first digital version of the logo (no number next to it). It’s quirky and cute, really fits with the butterfly. But as you might have seen, the caps for Bit needs a little work. Did you try a sans serif for it? Not sure how that would look… I was thinking “bit” as technology related, since sometimes your posts are techy and sometimes they are artsy.

    I love all your sketches! How did you choose?? I really, really like the idea and the sketches with the question mark. Those grab me much more than the butterfly. But I like the butterfly too (it really should be called a flutterby, you know, cuz that’s what it does!)

    Just stopped by to let you know I’m still alive, but probably won’t get back into the blogging scene regularly until the end of March (after my company’s convention). Miss you all lots though!!

  21. Ina

    Hi Vivien,

    I truly like this design! It exudes freedom, freshness, life, as well as technicality and Computer-world stuff…

    I feel the best one is the one you have put first, the one you have kind of decided on beause the words feel like grass to me, tender and soft strings of grass which is an excelent complement of the gentle and free buterfly.

    May be try the B of “bit” to resemble more the B of the wings….

    Surely you know deep down which one to choose :)
    I have been going trough a similar process with my Inspiring Wear logo :) let’s see what comes out one day…:)

  22. David, I really appreciate your input here. I can see your point in favoring the sketch where the butterfly wings are filled out – that would certainly look better in smaller sizes, i.e. favicon.
    I’ll be trying out other variations both with the logo and typeface for the name, and post about it here as well.

    Simonne, you’re absolutely right about the loss of digital bits. You know what – you gave me an idea that I will try out on the logo that should preserve the concept of “traveling” bits ;-) Thank you.

    Lauren, thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. I do want to show the techy side in my new logo, so choosing Sans Serif for the BIT part should definitely help with that.
    lol @ flutterby. I was just about going with the question mark in the logo, but when I came up with the concept of butterfly I chose it instead, maybe because I’ve always admired their delicate beauty and relentless life style.

    Ina, thanks so much for the encouragement. I’m really glad I shared with you all my design process, and thankful for your input – it was invaluable, and re-charged me with new ideas to experiment with. So stay tuned.
    And good luck with your design process. Perhaps you should do the same and share it with your readers to get some more ideas and input?

  23. You’re very welcome, Vivien. Glad to be of any help possible.

  24. Ina

    Thank you Vivien, a pleasure!
    Surely your final version is just a flip away…
    If I was a computer person I may have shared the process but since I am not technical with programs, PC languages, illustrators and the lot, can’t really detail it graphically. Once my graphics designer, my right hand, puts my paper scribbles and mind vision onto the screen I also share and explain the inspiration and details behind the final result then ask for input, (that is important)….. :) You guys are very detailed, technical, and speak a different to me language of the “Bits” and I admire that. Keep it up and be inspired! :) Thanks again for sharing!

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