Obviously, computers became very significant in our lives. We rely on computers for many things that only a decade ago we never suspected we’ll be using for: socializing, reading, studying, researching, playing games, shopping, making reservations, planning trips, house hunting and much more. They’re convenient, helpful, although addictive and often time consuming. So how many of you would be willing to Shut down your computers on Friday night and not turn them on until Sunday? Will you go unplugged all day on March 24th?

That’s the idea behind Shutdown project – they’re proposing everyone to take on the challenge and see if they can survive one day without their computers. They are even offering “tips” on alternative ways to use your laptops on YouTube. I will never understand what drives people to smash their laptops or guitars? If you don’t want it anymore, give it away to someone who’ll appreciate it more than you do.

Will you participate in this experiment? I will most certainly not? It doesn’t mean that I can’t live one day without a computer – I’ve done it many times before, when I was too busy with other things, or going away on vacation. But this weekend I do need to turn on my computer and do some work. What is the reason behind this “global experiment”? If you want to do something useful why not promote one day without a car – mother Nature will benefit more from that one for sure.

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13 Insightful Bits in response to “Boycotting Computers”

  1. Wonderful thoughts, Vivien! :) They are not doing anything useful by boycotting computers.

    No matter whatever they do, I’m not gonna boycott my computers/laptops. Maybe I can’t live without computers or something..!

    - Avi

  2. HECK NO! This just seems silly. I never really liked the “don’t do this for a day” stuff. I’m more prone to participate in the “do this for a day” stuff. Anybody can NOT do something for a day (except breathe I guess), but it actually takes effort to DO something for a day. I’ve done a couple of challenges in the photography world, like taking a picture every 15 minutes for 16 hours. But I REFUSE to participate in the “put your camera down for a day” type of challenges. This is along the same lines… stupid.

  3. ibit

    Avi, trust me, there will come a day in your life, so busy with other things, that you won’t even have time to turn on your computer… :-)

    I completely agree with you, Brian. DO something for a day is an accomplishment. DON’T DO is procrastination. There are many things that people should make an effort to NOT doing it, but not just for one day, like STOP killing each other and Nature.

  4. hahahahaha… nice idea but me and this box are burning hard. We already changed one power supply this morning.

    But, usualy, I can live few days without computer. Just send me somewhere to the nature, far from civilization.

  5. ibit

    That’s just it – if we have something better to do and the work is not pressing, of course we can live without computers… at least for a few days :-)

  6. I have gone with out a computer before for more than a day. It just ain’t happening this weekend. Heck I am going to have my hands on over 20 computers, 3 switches, 2 routers and a half dozen printers. Plus a voicemail box and 96 phone extensions. The Shutdown Project may consider me the devil this weekend.

    Anyway, I will be 4 days without a computer next month. I am not taking my laptop to Mexico. I am already dreading that. I will be so far behind on all the blogs I read and post on.

  7. ibit

    Joey, are you a Network Administrator, or what? I’m sure you’ll survive 4 days in Mexico without your laptop. Are you going on vacation? Then just enjoy the sunshine there and go sightseeing.
    It’s been raining all week long here in Vancouver, non-stop. So, please, send us some sunny rays from Mexico, will you? :-)

  8. but, you see… if joey is to send us some sunshine from mexico, he needs a camera, laptop and internet connection. or at least mobile phone with decent camera and posting to flickr or something capabilities.
    have I really forgot the ancient way of dealing with the sunshine?

  9. ibit

    :-) How about sending us some sunny thoughts and wishes telepathically?

  10. yes, that was the part I forgot that is possible.

  11. You guys are too funny.

    Normally when I go on vacation it rains or is cool. My wife and I went to Maui and our lua was rained out. I asked the host how often that happened and his response was twice a year at most. We went to Destin, FL and it was so windy and cool you couldn’t get in the water. We went on a cruise and the seas were so rough we only got to one of the three ports we were supposed to visit.

    You will probably have better weather in Vancouver than we will have in Cabos.

  12. ibit

    My gosh, Joey, you should write a screenplay about how Lucky you are when you go on vacation. I’m sure that Hollywood directors would jump on it to make a movie. I’m not sure though would it be categorized as a Comedy or Drama?..

    Guess what? It stopped raining today, and the sun is overwhelmingly bright. I promise to send some sunshine to Cabos if we have a sunny weather here in April :-)

  13. Jess

    It really depends I guess. Some days if I’m not even near a computer so I guess I could live without one. But only for a few days, haha. :)

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