As soon as I read David Airey’s post on 33 minutes with 33 logos, where he joined a number of other bloggers who shared their days or mornings, surrounded by brands, I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. Originally I thought of recording only how my three-year-old daughter is getting brainwashed with brands from such a young age. She already knows all the labels and packaging that she sees on a daily basis, and points at “her” brand of yogurt or milk at the store: “That’s my yogurt, mama.”

In order to spare you from too much scrolling, I present only the first eight minutes of her morning routine that includes washing and eating, while staying in her pj’s:

burtsbee orajel


valleypride bonita


youbaby yogurt

happyplanet Huh, that’s some powerful brandwashing my daughter undergoes every morning.

Then I decided to show you the world of my brands that greet me every morning.
So here are my first 8 minutes (I have to be quick in the mornings to get some work done while my daughter is sleeping) and 16 brands that start the day with me, from the moment I wake up from the alarm ring on my cellphone to making a cup of coffee and turning on my laptop:



avalon canus


tomofmaine oralbbraun








apple logitech

Thanks to Dear Jane Sample for starting such a fun project. You can check out how others are getting brandwashed on her list of all participants in the Brand Timeline Portraits, and perhaps join the project as well. How does your day look like in the company of brands?

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19 Insightful Bits in response to “Brandwashed In 8 Minutes”

  1. Nice to see so many organic products in your list!

    I saw David’s brand round-up too, and while I haven’t had the time to do my own (busy with my 3yo too), it’s definitely got me thinking twice about the logos that catch my eye in those first few minutes of the day.

  2. Fun post, Vivien. I can picture you angling to get the shots with your digicam :)

  3. Excellent addition, Vivien! I’ll add this post to the list on my site. It’s scary how brand-exposed our young ones are today.

  4. Thanks, Tracey. At least for my daughter I’m trying to go mostly organic, though it is getting hard on the budget.

    Thanks, Jacob. hehe, that was fun taking all those pics, especially the ones in the fridge – perfect light ;-)

    Thanks for adding me to your list, David. I agree, it is scary to see how brand-exposed kids can get. Later on I was scrolling down this post with the pics, with my daughter on the lap, and she was immediately pointing at all of them and identifying what they represented: “Oh, that’s my yogurt, that’s juice… and that’s mama’s capaputer (that’s how she says ‘computer’)…”

  5. That was a great way to show how exposed we really are. As I sit here writing this I am exposed to various brands. Like the juice I drink to the ads on the television set. All the time we are bombarded with ads.

  6. “Oh, that’s my yogurt, that’s juice… and that’s mama’s capaputer (that’s how she says ‘computer’)…”

    Aww. That’s cute. :)

  7. At the first scrolling down this post i thought you have a show of products from the year 1930. Especially the organic products seem to work with this design-style that looks VERY old. I didnt realise this until now.
    “Valley pride”,”Yo Baby” and “Happy Planet” could be from some pre 2.worldwar ads!

  8. ohh the power of company logos… good job with the camera btw

  9. Warenwirtschaft, you’re right, those organic brands do look vintage. I guess because they’re trying to communicate the message that the old days with no pesticides were much better than the current times :)

    thanks, komodo dragon. I had fun taking those pics. :)

  10. Does anyone know the stats on this? On average how many logos do we see a day. I’m sure it depends on where you live, but I think it would be very interesting to know how many logos we are actually exposed to on a daily basis.

  11. everyday i see these logos … brainwashed indeed

  12. It’s always interesting to see the brand timelines of other people. :]

    I like the fact that you actually took the time to take photos of each brand you and your daughter interact with.

    Btw, did Peter Sullivan find out the answer to his question? I’d be interested to know as well.


  13. huh, can’t believe it took me this long to respond to the last batch of comments here, sorry about it.

    Peter, I don’t know if anyone has any statistics on how brandwashed we get on a daily basis. I bet it’s going to be more than hundred logos a day. It would be interesting to find out though. But then it depends on the activities of each of us.

    Genesis Bible, do you see the same logos I featured here every day too?

    Thanks, Stephanie. I’m glad you liked my brand feature from two perspectives. Before this post I never actually thought how much brainwashed with brands my daughter already is, but then I noticed that she does remember which brand of milk she drinks and the toothpaste she uses.
    I’ve also heard scary stories of older kids at school being excessively brainwashed, so much so that they bully other kids if they wear clothes with no big brand names.

  14. liz

    I also only had time for the first few minutes of my morning — and wow! Having a 2 year old exponentially increases the logos….

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