This summer I was looking to buy a laptop for myself and I wasn’t sure which laptop to choose, so I posted a question to a popular Vancouver networking forum Techvibes. I got a very detailed response from someone named Moto. That was the first time I came across John Chow – a self proclaimed Dot Com Mogul. I got to know him a bit better while participating in Tazzu forums and reading his blog.

After a few visits to his blog, I got subscribed to his RSS feed, and since then I’m constantly checking his posts. Some of the posts I just quickly scan, others I read with a great interest. I’m not particularly interested in his Fine dining section, but I enjoyed reading his posts about how he got started with his moneymaking website The TechZone.

Before John Chow I didn’t realize that you can make that much money running websites. Can he be an inspiration for this blog? – Only time will tell.

What amazes me the most about him is the fact that despite his arrogance and boasting his posts are very useful. He definitely mastered the art of Sharing, knowing that the more he shares the more he gets – the more popular his sites get and the more money he makes. Now you tell me, doesn’t he deserve a round of applause and Bravo?!

Here are my Top 10 favourite John Chow posts:

  1. My Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins
  2. In The Beginning
  3. Two Tweaks To Generate More Blog Traffic
  4. Hello, Our Name Is FeedBurner
  5. How To Start A Tech Site
  6. Google Adsense On A Personal Blog?
  7. Trading Hours For Dollars
  8. Making Money with Your Mortgage
  9. Review My Blog & Get A Free Linkback
  10. Buying Vs Renting
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    In a ever changing world like the Internet it is very rare that you find someone to go out of their way to help you out. I remember a few months back I had just started this Blog and had a lot of newbie questions and just needed some one on one help. …

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