Many blog owners are feverishly promoting their blogs, spending money on advertising and marketing. They’re so engrossed in numbers: number of people commenting on their blogs, number of RSS subscribers, number of visitors, number of other sites linking to them, the income that their blogs generate and so on, that they fail to recognize who make their blogs popular, who promote their blogs more than the owners do – very often they forget to thank the readers.

LGR has written a very insightful post “Love Your Commenters“, where he talks about some bloggers not responding to their comments, or not moderating them at all. It’s like engaging people into an interesting conversation and suddenly leaving the room, when you’re done with your speech.

Sometimes we forget that we’re not only blog owners but commenters on other blogs too. How do I feel when another blogger doesn’t respond to my comment, or doesn’t approve it? Of course it upsets me, and depending on a blog, I might stop commenting there or stop reading it altogether.

Of course, one way to show an appreciation to your blog readers is by replying to their comments, acknowledging their participation and interest in your posts, another way is getting to know your readers – visiting their blogs and leaving comments there. There are many other ways to show your appreciation, you can read about 5 more ways written by Bes.

Two bloggers took this one step further and formed a new project – “Reader Appreciation Project“. This venture is like a breath of fresh air in a dusty and crowded blogosphere. “The RA Project aims to show readers that they are one of the most important assets a blogger can have, and the RA Project also aims to show among other things how bloggers can treat their readers.”

Recently they’ve announced “Reader Appreciation Week“, that starts on April 9th and continues till April 13th. I’ll be definitely participating in Reader Appreciation Week and will announce the prizes later on.

During this week I will give out prizes to my most loyal readers who’ll be commenting from today until April 9th, and hopefully will continue to do so in future. Prizes will be selected from RAW 2007 Prize Ideas.

To keep up with me and my plans, please subscribe to my blog if you haven’t done it yet, and start commenting :-)

How about you, would you participate in Reader Appreciation Project?

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13 Insightful Bits in response to “Do You Appreciate Your Readers?”

  1. You are right Vivien, many blog owners are spending a lot of money promoting their blogs but not appreciating their users.

    Lee [LGR] brings up a good point about commenting with quality comments: Why would anyone want to show interest in our work when we do not show interest in other people’s works? Even if we do not have anything useful to say, we have to take the time to read more and think of better ways to participate more, since that is what we are expecting from other people.

    I like your third paragraph about realizing that we are commentators too. Many people simply write a post or two everyday without actually participating on their own site in the form of responding to comments, let alone on other sites by commenting in other places. Many bloggers only comment on other places since they want to promote their blogs, and thus they usually only comment on new blogs everyday, while forgetting the people they have already interacted with previously.

    Thanks for the nice mention Vivien, I am also looking forward to the appreciation week, though everyday from now on is hopefully an appreciation day. :) Thank you for participating too!

  2. ibit

    You’re very welcome, Bes. And I agree with you: hopefully this project will bring more awareness that we’re all still humans on this new planet – Blogosphere, and we shouldn’t loose simple but precious human qualities.

  3. Just my luck. I am in Mexico during reader appreciaton week. I too believe commenting is important. Its nice to know someone is out there plus it adds to the topic.

  4. ibit

    Don’t worry, Joey. Your today’s comment counts too, and all your future comments till April 13 and after. I’m sure they have internet cafes in Mexico, don’t they? Drop by sometimes :-)

  5. ibit — > Yes, heh, we are all still humans in the new world of blogosphere. I will have to quote that awesome sentence sometime soon. :)

    Joey — > Like Vivien said, your comments count too, and also, everything you do from now on can count also. The Appreciation Week is like a Big Bang to hopefully send a shock wave through as much of the Blogosphere as possible to show that people can realize that something that needs to be happening, is not happening. :)

    Your very agreement in your comment above shows your appreciation; you already started appreciating, basically. :)

    Enjoy your trip in Mexico, and see if you can share any cultural and landscape pictures with us please. :D

  6. ibit

    Oh, I like those four smilies that end each paragraph in your comment, Bes.
    Just like Louis sang – “when you’re smiling The whole world smiles with you”.

    Now, that’s something worth quoting, eh? :-)

  7. There are only a handful of bloggers who reply to readers’ to comments and I have to say you’re one among them. You really care for the comments over here.

  8. ^^I really have to appreciate you for that!

  9. ibit

    Thank you very much, Shankar. I like talking to you all, guys :-)

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