It’s been a long time since I participated in memes that go around blogiverse. This particular meme has originated a long time ago, but recently it re-surfaced in the PHP and Open Source community. If my friend Zak Greant hadn’t changed the rules before tagging me I could’ve gotten away by referring him to my old response to a similar meme: 8 Bits You Now Know About Me.

But Zak, FOSS ombudsman and advocate, whose love of Free Software and Open Source is turning him into a penguin, decided to morph the “7 Things you don’t know about me” meme into the “Seven things that you probably don’t know about me that I didn’t know about myself until the last year or so”.

However, sticking to a long established tradition on Inspiration Bit, where I share things in bits (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.), I’m too altering this meme a bit and listing not seven but eight things I did not know about myself until the last year:

  1. …I’ve developed an acute allergy to lists, the ones that contain numerals in the headline, so much so that I stopped advertising numbers in my post titles and am trying to come up with alternative ways to go about lists for my articles.

    I don’t have anything against lists, they indeed break down the long content nicely, nor do I condemn other bloggers for posting numerous articles with 66 Hottest Portfolios or 777 Designers You Must Follow on Twitter, but I’ve decided that I won’t be contributing to that numbers pool anymore.

  2. …Leaving all fears behind I finally quit the corporate world and became my own boss. I have also learned that running my own show is more challenging than I prepared myself for, but after getting that sweet taste of freedom I don’t want to give it up.
  3. …while running my own design studio I will be building web sites for clients from all over the world, even from New York.
  4. …I’m capable of simultaneously working on projects that run on three different CMS (eZ Publish, Drupal, WordPress) and teaching students how to build custom CMS solutions with PHP and MySQL.
  5. …I will develop new passions and interests that will include jewellery design, interior decorating, and obsessive collection of beautiful things.
  6. …Never thought that I will be watching Seinfeld and Desperate Housewives with so much interest. And before you start thinking in a wrong direction, let me surprise you with another revelation: I’m watching both shows with my husband, and the other day I overheard him re-telling an episode from Desperate Housewives to a friend of ours.
  7. …Became an impulsive shopper and buy things I’ve postponed buying or had second thoughts about in past (Nikon D90, numerous magazines and books both for myself and my daughter’s ever increasing library, are just some of the examples).
  8. …I too would catch the Twitter fever and Procrastinator became my middle name, but my social network grew to proportions I could’ve never imagined before.

So there you go. I won’t be tagging anyone, but feel free to spill some beans about your own self discoveries from 2008.

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11 Insightful Bits in response to “Eight Bits”

  1. Interesting, Vivien! So will you be sharing jewelery design inspiration with us some time? There are amazingly beautiful (and inspirational) handmade pretties out there! What inspires you the most? And how does it inspire you? What do you do with that inspiration? I feel a blog post coming on… :)

  2. Yeah I’ve got that allergy to lists too – a nasty thing! Nice to learn a little Bit more about you.

  3. Congratulations on getting out of the corporate piranha pool. I’ve worked for the “gubmint” most of my professional life (teaching school — no political or civil service perks), but my few excursions into the corporate world were, uh, unpleasant. Though I did enjoy a stint with Cisco before they moved my project across the country.

    So, how has Twitter helped you professionally? (I’m trying to persuade the folks at my site to build and maintain a Facebook presence, but they’re reluctant. I guess Twitting is that much beyond them. Darn those confusing Internets and their tube things….)

  4. Funny you should mention lists. I was thinking the same thing a couple of days back, prompted by a justified commenter on my blog.

    Your use of Roman numerals is a nice compromise.

  5. You’ve bought a Nikon D90! That’s on my shopping list for 2009.

  6. @Lauren, Do you feel a blog post coming for you or for me? ;) I’m not sure if I’ll be writing jewellery-related posts here on iBit. I might be starting another blog just for that. I’ll let you know if I do ;)

    @Aaron Thanks. I wonder if 2009 will cause less list-related allergy cases ;)

    @Michael So sorry that your comment was flagged as spam. Fortunately, I checked my Akismet folder today, and there it was. No idea why.
    I’ve started my career working for non-profit organizations, then switched to teaching at private and government colleges and universities, and only then with corporations. Definitely learned a lot from all those different working experiences.
    Regarding Twitter: it didn’t help me that much professionally, in terms of bringing new business, but then I’m not actively marketing myself for those purposes. Perhaps I should. But Twitter has definitely helped me with expanding my social online circles and brought more awareness and authority to me and Inspiration Bit.

    @David Glad you liked my use of Roman numerals. I’ll try coming up with more compromises to lists ;)

  7. @Simonne Yes, I finally bought Nikon D90. I like it so far, would definitely recommend you to get one.

  8. Thanks for rescuing my comment from the spam bucket. :)

    I think Facebook would be a great move for us, but we have things to do first, like redesigning the #@%$#^!@! site. I doubt we’ll go Twittering any time in the near future. In some ways, we’re quite fusty and old-fashioned. I, for one, don’t even own a mobile phone. Wouldn’t have a landline if I didn’t need it….

  9. I was thinking a blog post for you! Maybe you don’t give inspiration to design jewelery, but how jewelery designs have inspired your graphic design work (if it has?). I’m sure you know, inspiration crosses all manner of media and subjects!

  10. I’ve posted a few lists on my blog and I’m growing a bit weary of them, too – except for checklists, which serve a useful purpose.

    Well done on discovering new passions – I would say this is the best achievement of a very good bunch.

  11. @Michael Somehow I can’t get a feel for Facebook. Every time I go there, I’m bombarded with the invitations to try this and that application: accept a gift, match characters, compare movies, etc. Although it would be interesting to compare movie interests (and I think I’ve done that once on FB), but it’s so time consuming to try all those applications. Though Twitter can be time consuming too, but at least it’s more or less work (in my case, design) related.
    I’m not saying it’s not worth trying Facebook for you, just that it didn’t work for me.

    @Lauren oh, I see now what you’re saying. Definitely, there are many crossovers, and I will be blogging about them. One thing that’s very obvious is colour inspiration from designing jewellery.

    @Tracey Thanks, now if I can only learn how to organize my days better and discover ways to find more time for all my passions and work, that would be great ;)

    You’re right, sometimes lists are necessary. But when I come across a new design blog, and all the recent posts there are starting with 33 This…, 47 That…, 101 More…
    that gets me worried.

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