As you know, last week I’ve participated in Daniel’s group writing project over at DailyBlogTips, which resulted in 122 submissions with tips on practically anything from blogging to business to travel to food to life.
Here are my four personal favourites:

  1. Warning: These 9 Photoshop Techniques May Result In Great Photos
    This is a great article from Brian showcasing the power of digital post-processing. There were no specific steps on how to achieve those results, but that only opened the doors to our imagination.
  2. 10 Simple Ways to Show Reader Appreciation
    Despite having several similarities with my post Ronald and I did not collaborate on writing our project entries. I’ve read his entry only hours after publishing mine. They say “great minds think alike”. Well, looks like they’re right for a change :-)
  3. 7 Tips to Overcoming Writer’s Block
    Even though I haven’t had a Writer’s block for sometime (I just don’t have much time to write as often as I like), I’ve bookmarked these excellent tips for future reference.
  4. A Bloggers Tips On Keeping The Creativity Juices Flowing
    One particular tip from Ajay has caught my eye – Declutter. It’s so true. Whenever I have a clean desk and a clean house, I feel free like a bird, and nothing distracts and stops my creativity juices from flowing

To read other 118 articles with tips head over to DailyBlogTips final project list.

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3 Insightful Bits in response to “Favourite Tips From Blogiverse”

  1. Thanks for including me:) The good thing about blogging is that you never know what others might find useful.

  2. And i just read the results… congratulations!:)

  3. Vivien

    :-) Thanks, Ajay. It was a pleasant shocker, I must say.
    Expect another group writing project on InspirationBit in a near future, this time it’ll have prizes too (my prize money will be invested there) :-)

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