Today I’m announcing my last contest for the Reader Appreciation Week. Do you feel excitement in the air, or in the wires, with all the winners and prizes that will be announced and given out next week?

To win my Fifth Contest

  • those of you who didn’t yet subscribe to my RSS feed – here’s your chance to stop procrastinating and add Inspiration Bit to your RSS reader
  • those of you who’re already getting the regular dose of Inspiration Bits, please don’t unsubscribe just yet

I’ve added a special code and instructions on how to enter this contest at the end of my full RSS feed. Only RSS subscribers will be able to see that secret code. Make sure you precisely follow all my instructions there. I will then randomly choose one of the entries and announce the winner.

What is the Prize? One lucky winner will be able to advertise his/her website/business/project at the end of my full RSS feed for not one, not three, but SIX full months. Can you imagine that? Of course, right now I have only 60-70 subscribers, but who knows – you (and I) may hit a Jackpot, and there will be thousands of RSS subscribers to Inspiration Bit within the next 6 months. It will be up to the winner to choose either a text link ad or a banner ad.

So go ahead – subscribe, or don’t unsubscribe, and enter the Contest. I will announce the Winner on April 12, 2007. Good luck everyone!

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9 Insightful Bits in response to “Fifth Contest with Inspiration Bit”

  1. You’re on quite the roll with all these contests! They’re great fun. I haven’t seen any other blog reaching out to their readers quite as much as you have been lately.

    I didn’t know you could put extras in the RSS feed like that. How the heck do you do it?

  2. Good Contest, plus a cool way to boost your RSS feed readers! :D

  3. ibit

    Thanks, guys.

    Brian, regarding the extra content in the RSS feed – I got the code from Ronald and his unofficial plugin. He gave me permission to share it with you. So if you’d like to use it yourself, just email me and I’ll send you the code.

  4. Wow. Great Idea. I agree Shankar, nice way to pump the subscriber numbers. By the way the prize is really good too.

  5. ibit

    I’ll be writing a post about all these contests, how beneficial they were and what mistakes did I make. Hopefully it’ll help others to run contests on their blogs.

  6. I am impressed by your contests, this is the cleverest yet.

    I have recently switched readers from RSS Bandit to Google Reader. I have also just switched all my e-mail to Google, I used to use Thunderbird.

  7. Jess

    Great contest! It’ll definitely boost your readers! :) Your 5 contests are all different and unique and I just want to say thanks again for doing this.

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