Last week I’ve announced that I’ll be participating in the Reader Appreciation Week and give away prizes to my loyal readers. I was trying to decide on what kind of prizes should I give away, and decided that since I’m not making any money with my blog, my prizes will be non-monetary as well. I hope that this decision won’t turn you away from my blog and cause you to lose any interest in it. After all, some things are priceless, and that’s what I’ll be giving away here – priceless prizes :-)

Today I’m announcing the First contest…

Contest Questions:

Recently, I’ve changed three small things on my blog: one administrative function and two visual ones. The first reader who’ll correctly identify all three changes will be interviewed by me, and I will post it on this blog with a link to the interviewee’s web site. You can either contact me with your answers or post in the comments. Submission’s deadline is March 29th. I will announce the winner on April 9th.

Other Prizes

Some of my other prizes would be: blog review with a link, free advertising space on my blog for one month (I will design the ad), free web design/programming consultation, and…

Stay tuned for more prizes and contests. Do not miss your chance to win – subscribe to my RSS feed.

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10 Insightful Bits in response to “First Contest with Inspiration Bit”

  1. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer (does that make me a bad person?); however, I think non-monetary prizes are a great idea and entirely within the spirit of community.

  2. ibit

    of course, not knowing the answer to this question doesn’t make you a bad person, Andrew. There will be more contests in future and who knows, perhaps you’ll win one of them :-)

    Thanks for the support with non-monetary prizes.

  3. 1. You added the option of subscribing to comments via e-mail
    2. You removed the Top Commenters from the sidebar
    3. You added the bar with options to digg, subscribe, e-mail… at the end of the posts.

    I don’t know if I recalled correctly the changes, although I read your blog since at least one month ago. Good luck with the contest.

  4. ibit

    Thank you Simonne for the participation. I didn’t remove the Top Commentators from the sidebar – it is still showing up on the front page as usual.

    The other two things that you’ve mentioned I’ve added a month or two ago – so you are right about them. However, I’m asking about the most recent changes, that happened in the last week. So this contest is still running and there’s a prize to be won. Good luck! :-)

  5. hmm… Let’s see if write even a single correct point..

    1). You removed the “Links” section from your sidebar.
    2). You edited your “Meta” section in the sidebar. There are only two links left.
    3). You’ve configured comment options so the comments are being approved immediately.

    No matter if I win the prize or not, please do let me know if even a single point is correct or not. :)

    - Avi

  6. Oops! That should be “… if *I* write even a single correct…”

    I’m sorry for the mistake!

  7. ibit

    more than one of your points are correct, Avinash :-)

  8. WooHoo!

    Thanks for letting me know! :)

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