Rory from CleanCutBlog has launched a very interesting Group Writing Project, asking everyone What Is Your FIRST Rule Of Writing?

Some say there are no rules in writing – simply write whatever you feel like writing, don’t wait for inspiration to strike, and that the more you write the better you get at it. I partially agree with all that, but for me that “what I feel” when writing is crucial.

Just like with learning, I can’t write something I’m not interested about. I doubt I’ll have much success in earning money with ReviewMe posts unless they’ll be ordered by sites that would manage to get my attention.

So does it mean that my first rule of writing is to be interested in what I’m scribbling about? Not exactly. The first question I ask myself when writing is would I be interested in reading this post/article myself later on, or if it was written by someone else and I was the reader? If I’m not absorbed by the topics I pen about, how can I expect anyone else taking their time to read my writing?

However, it’s not that just topic should captivate the audience, but the content itself as well as the style of writing. Global warming is a very engaging topic to talk about, but if it isn’t presented in a certain way that will hold people’s interest, you can forget about the impact you planned to have on your readers.

You know how students can immediately sense whether or not their teacher is passionate about the subject he/she teaches, that’s exactly what comes to my mind whenever I write. If I’m not excited about a certain subject matter, if there’s no enthusiasm that can be transcended with my lines, I get overcome with that uncontrollable feeling of perceiving myself as a phony (that’s when Holden Caulfield immediately comes to mind).

The funny thing is that the more I blog the more I resist reading other blogs where phoniness shines between the lines. So please, if you ever get blinded by that phony shining on InspirationBit, do me a great favour and warn me about it. I’ll be forever grateful to you for that.

Now, why don’t you head over to CleanCutBlog, the embodiment of an authentic writing, and join the rest by participating in Rory’s Group Writing Project, or check out the trackbacks and see what other rules bloggers set for themselves.

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9 Insightful Bits in response to “First Rule Of Writing On Inspiration Bit”

  1. Would I want to read this?, and would I want to read it the way it’s been written?

    That is a thought-provoking first rule, Vivien.

    Thank you so much for taking part in the GWP.

  2. a very good post, as usual. (do you ever write medicore ones?)

    LOVE the image!

  3. Vivien

    Thanks, Rory. It’s been a pleasure participating in your GWP. Good Luck with it! Look forward to read the final list with all entries.

    Isabella, that’s the first time I’ve seen you using Capital letters – what an honour! Thank you.
    I’m sure I’ve written many mediocre posts, but as they say – live and learn, that’s what I do :-)

  4. Your first rule surely produces a great outcome. I like it a lot.

  5. Vivien

    oh, Thanks a lot, Simonne. I try.

  6. Definitely a good idea to put yourself in your readers’ shoes (or chairs). That’s a great tip, Vivien, and one I’m sure I overlook.

    Probably not my 1st rule, but one that gets me by, is to sit on an idea for a while, and not be too hasty to publish a blog post before thinking it over. Sleeping on it usually adds a few changes here and there.

  7. Vivien

    thanks, David. Your not 1st rule, and neither is mine, but definitely something that I follow most of the times – sleeping on a blog post, thinking about it, revising for several days, sometimes weeks, before completing and publishing it. However, what occasionally happens is that other bloggers are publishing those post ideas before me :-)

  8. Vivien, great article. Very close to my subject of “If you don’t feel strongly about it, don’t write it.”

  9. Vivien

    thanks, Patricia. Yes, our first rules in writing are very similar, even though we cover different topics on our blogs.

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