I’ve read about this type of spam on a couple of blogs, but only now I’ve started receiving them as well. So if you’re getting these comments, don’t let them spin your head – they may be flattering but they’re only coming from annoying spammers. And thanks to Akismet, they’re correctly identified as a spam.

combined company | jyz1g@pisem.net | IP:
I love this site, so thank you

classic online | 9ouwc69j8q3ku@hotmail.com | IP:
I enjoyed this site very much and have taken away a better insight. I will recommend this site to everyone I know. More people should step into .

N York House Insurance Online | kw8xz29lst757wr@see.it | IP:
I like the way you set up that your info is the homepage, nicely done. Thanks!

Just take a look at those email addresses and names. I wish I could spam them back, but those emails most probably don’t even exist. What do they accomplish by sending this spam? And those comments are so pathetic. Oh, no, please, don’t recommend my site to other spammers you know.

I wonder whether there will come a day when spammers realize that everybody hates them and that their spamming techniques don’t work or would we always be victims of their infuriating spam?

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  1. I guess there will always be spammers.. bcuz some people live with a mission to make others’ lives miserable.

  2. ibit

    I wonder how spammers themselves feel when they get spammed by others? Don’t they get mad for being spammed? Why can’t they put themselves in others shoes?

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