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How many of you have blogged on your birthday? Well, call it an addiction or a bad planning, but it is my birthday today and I’m blogging. In fact, I just checked to see whether I blogged on February 10th last year when Inspiration Bit was just in its infancy, and even I was surprised to see that I had posted not one but two posts that day: 8 Remarkable WordPress Themes (at 2:41 am) and 8 bits of Colour Inspirations (8:54 am). Crazy, I know ;-)

There were a number of articles that I was planning to write this week, but I thought of postponing a few of them for the upcoming week and announce the births of four new wonderful blogs harmonizing it with my own birthday. Two of the blogs were launched in January 2008, while two others are so brand new that the “paint” on their background walls hasn’t even dried yet.

An interesting fact about these four blog-musketeers, that they’ve all been initiated by pretty seasonal bloggers as a new venture into the blogiverse. All of those bloggers felt that they needed another project to further express themselves either in a completely different direction or by branching off one of their existing topics into a separate blog.

I will list them in the order of their birth, starting with the “oldest”.

1. Epiblogger


This “organic center of blogging” was born on January 1, 2008. It’s founded by two bloggers: Lee Robertson, who runs two other blogs – Webmaster Blog and The Video Rambler, and Rhett Soveran, who has a personal blog rockstarpoet. Even though Epiblogger might look just like another blog about blogging, after reading a couple of articles there, you’ll be surprised by its fresh voice and thought-provoking content. As the blog authors say, their goal is “to help, challenge and inspire you to be a better blogger”.

2. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love

This blog devoted to all things logo was officially launched on January 25, 2008 by a very respected in the community designer and blogger David Airey. His professional design blog was featured in HOW magazine’s February edition as one of the top 10 websites for designers. David is extremely passionate about the logo design and I’m sure that his new project will become the one stop resource for everyone interested in logo design, inspiration and tips.

3. Fine Art Photoblog

Fine Art Photoblog

Actually this blog hasn’t even been born yet – the public announcement is scheduled for tomorrow only, February 11. This site is very different from all other photoblogs that I’ve seen before. First of all, initiated by Brian Auer, it’s a collaborative project of seven prominent photographers each of whom will be featuring his works of art once a week. Secondly, it’s not just a photoblog, it’s an art gallery where “everything you see is for sale as a high quality print”. If the popularity and success of Brian’s first blog Epic Edits is any indication of this photographer’s passion and drive, I can safely predict that his new endeavour will flourish in no time.

4. Group Writing Projects

Group Writing Projects

Officially this blog also doesn’t exist yet, the press release announcing its launch is scheduled for Tuesday, February 12. But right now you can get a sneak peek as what to expect from this new kid in the blogiverse. Its creator, Jacob Share, has generously devoted his first blog, JobMob, to all job seekers out there. His new project is another noble step in helping others, this time all bloggers who love participating in group writing projects or running their own and always need an extra hand in promoting their projects. That’s what this new blog will have (and already has) “timely announcements of new group writing projects for you to participate in, link-filled results from completed group writing projects, useful tips and advice on running your own group writing projects”. It’s one of those ideas that makes you exclaim, “How come I didn’t think about it”, so be sure to bookmark it if you don’t want to miss another group writing project again.

As it turned out, I missed the birth of another infant blog that simply must be mentioned here.

5. EzMoneyOn.Net

I know what many of you would say – oh, no, not another blog about making money. Believe me I wouldn’t be recommending here such blogs if not for its founders – Simonne from AllTipsAndTricks and Diana from It was launched on February 1, 2008, and I see a very bright future for this new kid in the blogiverse. The best thing about EzMoneyOn.Net is that its authors will be filling the missing pieces of the money making puzzle by sharing with the readers what they personally found working in a easy to follow steps. As Simonne and Dianna said about their new “baby”: “We hear a lot of “get free traffic for your blog”. How many people actually speak from experience and illustrate their saying with case studies?”

So here you go – FIVE new blogs for your reading pleasure. What new interesting blogs would you recommend others to check out?

As for the usual weekend dose of literature I’ve decided to post a short poem by my all time favourite Russian poet Boris Pasternak, who happened to be born just like me on February 10th, although several decades earlier. His novel “Doctor Zhivago” was awarded the 1958 Nobel Prize in Literature, which Pasternak was forced to decline to be allowed to remain in Russia. He was nevertheless expelled from the Soviet Writers Union and lived in a virtual exile near Moscow.

When I first came across this beautiful poem “February” I didn’t know who was Borist Pasternak, this was the first time I read his work, but immediately fell in love with this raw gem of art and the talent of its creator.

February. Get ink, shed tears.
Write of it, sob your heart out, sing,
While torrential slush that roars
Burns in the blackness of the spring.

Go hire a buggy. For six grivnas,
Race through the noise of bells and wheels
To where the ink and all you grieving
Are muffled when the rainshower falls.

To where, like pears burnt black as charcoal,
A myriad rooks, plucked from the trees,
Fall down into the puddles, hurl
Dry sadness deep into the eyes.

Below, the wet black earth shows through,
With sudden cries the wind is pitted,
The more haphazard, the more true
The poetry that sobs its heart out.

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16 Insightful Bits in response to “Four New Kids In The Blogiverse To Watch For”

  1. Lee

    Thanks Vivien! What kind words. It has been such a busy and exciting month and a half at Epiblogger. We hope to have some video blogging done later this month as well so more to look forward to.

  2. Definitely love the idea behind the Group Writing Projects website. I can’t wait until Jacob irons out all the wrinkles and has the official launch.

  3. Hey Vivien,

    First, Happy Birthday. It turns out that I did blog once, in 2006, on my birthday. I think I was lonely at that time because I was alone in Calgary and I didn’t know anyone except my (now) wife. But it worked out in the end.

    You should be relaxing and not worrying about the blog. However, I do very much appreciate the link and the write up. I am glad that you have found Epiblogger to be fresh. Let’s me (us) know that we are on the right track.

  4. Lee

    I forgot…Happy Birthday! Hope you got to spend some good time with your family.

  5. Happy Birthday Vivien! What a great article you’ve put together celebrating the birth of these infant blogs. The three other blogs in the list look like real winners!

  6. Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best!

    :) I’ve just checked: last year I’ve written one of my most interesting posts on my birthday.

    Your new kids on the blogiverse are great. It is funny: I’ve discovered Epiblogger, without knowing that Lee is the same with Lee from Webmaster blog. I made the connection thanks to StumbleUpon, when I saw the Epiblogger logo on Lee’s avatar. Anyway, I liked “both” of them.

  7. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Viviennnnn,
    Happy Birthday to you
    And many morrrrrrrrrre :)

    I like birthday posts, I also did one back in the day:

    3 Unusual Tips for a Successful Birthday Job Search

    Thanks for mentioning Group Writing Projects. It’s going to be a fun ride, and I hope that many people come along.

    I’m glad to see how psyched up Ronald is! That’s terrific

    You really are too kind. Noble? Now I need to go find me a horse :)

  8. Happy Belated Birthday vivien.

  9. Thanks everyone to your kind wishes and congratulations. I did have a nice birthday with my family, so no worries – I didn’t spend all time in front of the computer ;-) My daughter kept asking all day to open “her” presents, while singing Happy Birthday to me ;-)

    Lee, I really look forward to your video blog posts. Good luck with it!

    Ronald, Jacob already posted a few GWP announcements there, so you can take a look.

    Rhett, glad to see that your lonely days in Calgary are over ;-)

    Brian, how did the press release go? I see now that you’ve substituted the URL in your comment signature with the new Photoblog, so looks like you’ll be actively promoting your new venture. All the best with it!

    In fact, I’ve got Simonne now with a different site URL in the comment – What’s that blog is all about? I see you’re one of the two founders/contributors there, and it’s been launched just a month ago? When do you find time for all the blogs you write for?! You’re amazing!

    Jacob, thanks for the Happy Birthday song ;-)
    Yes, all you need now is to be knighted for all your achievements in the blogging world :-)

    Thanks a lot, Madhur.

  10. Happy beliated birthday, Vivien!

    I hope you had a wonderful day, regardless of the time spent promoting these blogs (thanks very much by the way!).

    I’m also looking forward to Jacob’s official GWP launch. :)

  11. I’ve posted the launch press release for Group Writing Projects here:

    Now the fun begins :)

  12. Thanks a lot, David. I did have a nice day filled with lots of laughs thanks to my daughter :-)

  13. That is a great idea with the Group Writing Projects site, I don’t know why it wasn’t done much earlier. I think the text needs a bit of spacing though, pretty hard to read. Thanks for the heads up about these sites.

  14. Jacob, glad you like the idea. You’re at least the 4th person to be surprised that the idea is new, I love when that happens.

    Thanks also for the tip, I added 1px of letter-spacing to make the site easier on the eyes. I have to admit it was tough finding a websafe font that didn’t clash with the logo’s cool Gotham, that was easy to read, looked good and wasn’t already all over the Web.

    Looking forward to your upcoming gwp, I’ll post when you do :)

  15. Glad you too liked it, Jacob Cass. (Looks like now I’ll have to always use the last names of two Jacobs to differentiate between the two of you from now on ;-) )

    My apologies to everyone, but somehow I missed a birth of another new interesting blog –, co-founded by Simonne. I’ve just updated this post with a small write-up for this blog – it is definitely worth checking out (despite of what you think of another money making blog), so please take time to visit it and read my small review in this post. Thank you.

  1. The Revenge Of Abused Words » Reader Appreciation Project

    [...] New projects are rising, now when so many readers were hungry for them. [...]

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