A week ago I posted my Blogging Mistake That I Still Tend to Make as an entry to a bigger group project hosted by DailyBlogTips. Frankly, I expected to learn about hundreds of blogging mistakes from other bloggers, but only 48 have participated. Still it’s more than enough to learn from and avoid those mistakes in future.

So here you go – a must read for any (A-Z-List) blogger – true confessions of blogging mistakes by 48 mortals, including “moi”:

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16 Insightful Bits in response to “From One Blogger to Another – 48 Things To Do or Not To Do”

  1. great advice! got to take some time to read all of them ;) but I’ll go through the whole list

  2. ibit

    it’ll be a time well spend, trust me on this :-)

  3. This really drove me a lot of traffic, and people are still visiting that particular post…. :!

  4. I have read several of these. Most all of them are good advice. Once again I come here and find something useful.

  5. ibit

    how about your Technorati ranking, Shankar? I bet it’s up as well :-)

    Thanks, Joey. Btw, are you in Mexico yet?

  6. @ibit,
    Technorati, you’re asking me about that!
    Technorati is CRUEL to me :(
    I have claimed the blog. But the ping doesn’t work.
    I ve got over 170 links now, but the status is still “NO BLOG LINKS HERE”.
    All this bcoz the ping doesn’t work for me.
    I mailed them. No response. Probably, as you said earlier, they’re busy with the top 100.

    I would have got so much more traffic if the ping had worked. I really feel bad about Techorati. :(

  7. ibit

    hmm… now I’m angry with Technorati. :-(
    You should email them again, bug them until they get your ping working.
    Are you sure that your Technorati ping is set up properly on your blog?
    Did you manually ping your blog from Technorati? You can do it from http://www.technorati.com/ping
    I just went there and pinged your blog. And also I favourited your blog. Hope it’ll change your Technorati status.
    Good Luck and keep me posted on this.

  8. Thanks for the fave and the ping. I just use embedded claim on my blog. I did ping via the official Technorati Ping page. I have to bug them, till they respond. I’ll keep you posted.

    It’s really worse when people see
    “Shankar’s Tech Blog – No blog links here – Not updated for 100 days” :(

  9. Jess

    Awesome advice! Anyone who wants to blog should DEFINITELY read this!

  10. Vivien,
    Regarding my Technorati problems, I’m not the only one. In fact, many many people are facing this problem.

    Just look at the flood of complaints in here. Many people have this problem. Most of them over there have a blog @ blogger.com and I think this is the cause behind the broken pings.

    This is not the only topic that seems to talking about this problem. See here: http://support.technorati.com/search.php?q=ping

    There’s been no response as of now.
    Gonna wait and watch. It’s really awful :( I am really worried about the rankings. They matter to me.

  11. ibit

    hmm… that’s not good at all. I wonder what can be done about that?.. looks like nobody is replying on those forums. I’ll see if I can find out anything about it. Meanwhile, don’t despair, keep the chin up.

  12. Okay, let me wait and see :)

  13. Hmm… It’s been a while, but the good news is that the problem is resolved now :) Happy. Now my blog has a ranking of around 28000 something, and it shows the links and all that. It lists the latest posts as of now. Pinged.

    Somebody from the support desk finally responded to the issue! Everything goes normal now @ technorati for my blog :)

  14. ibit

    Hey, That’s really Great News, Shankar. Finally! Congratulations! Looks like that support desk has fixed other blog pings as well. Thanks for sharing the good news.

    Looks like today was your lucky day – won $25 prize and your blog now ranks pretty high on Technorati :-)

  15. Hahaa… yeah it was a lucky day :)
    Hey, have you installed an anti-spam plugin here? :)

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