Whether it’s a pure coincidence or not, but a Little Man Tate from the 1991 movie about a young genius came to life as a young prodigy Christopher Tate – creator of a next generation photosharing site ZooomrFlickr’s newest competitor.

Zooomr impressed Web 2.0 guru Michael Arrington so much that he dubbed it “Flickr on steroids“. It’s localized in over 15 languages and it introduced features like geotagging a few months before Flickr did. Zooomr is still in beta, and not many have heard about it yet. Would it really make Flickr’s users to abandon their ship and switch over to Zooomr – only time will tell. What’s more remarkable about Zoooms is the fact that it was put together by a 17-year-old in just three months.

As is it turns out Kristopher Tate, son of a nuclear engineer, started working with HTML at four and at five he got his first Mac and was impressing everyone with his computing skills ever since.

Whenever I read about such young internet/computer geniuses I can’t help but feeling sorry that the Web wasn’t around when I was a teenager. But fortunately my baby daughter’s future is bright. To tell you the truth, I rather have nowadays teenagers be inspired by young talented people like Tate than someone like Britney Spears and her ex ;-)

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  1. Anonymous

    Blogg-buzz vs. Digg… how about Zooomr vs. Flickr?…

    The new buzz in the photo sharing community – Zooomr, and the genius behind the site….

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