After writing about the importance of colour and typography in design, and sharing with you colour and typography resources, I just had to showcase the sites with exceptional Typography and Colour schemes. Today I’m presenting 8 websites that are designed with a top-notch exquisite typography in mind.


    followtherhinosBy looking at this website you’d never guess that it was dedicated to following the adventures of two white rhinos – Notch and Half-Ear – on their way to a new home, the Phoenix Zoo. It is exceptionally tastefully designed, creating an impression of an adventurer’s blog rather than rhinos’. There are only three different fonts that were used, but with the combination of italics, all caps and bold, it creates a rich look that captures your attention right away and makes you to dive into the site’s content and explore all pages.

  2. Authentic Boredom by Cameron Moll

    cameronmoll This is a blog site of one of the renowned designers and speakers Cameron Moll. It looks like a page of an old newspaper but with a modern flare. Very clean, with just a right amount of line space. It’s one of those blogs, that I always like to visit to get re-fueled with a calm inspiration.

  3. Matthew Design

    matthewThis site has the best looking Google Ads section I have ever seen. The site exhibits a retro-western look with some riveting ornaments and a leather background. Two thumbs up for this site’s Typography. Make sure to check out the Weblog section of this site to get inspired by the designer’s way to decorate the post dates.

  4. Amber Bowe

    amberOne of the ways to see some great typography examples is studying the menus in restaurants. This website of a personal chef is not an exception. Even though there are more than three different fonts used in the design, the smart font choice makes the site very pleasant to look at and easy to read.

  5. Subtraction 7.0

    subtraction This website is a complete opposite of the previous example. Khoi Vinh was able to accomplish what some might consider to be impossible: he used only one font – one of the most common fonts, Arial – throughout the entire site for everything from headlines, navigation to the main content text. Thus proving to everyone that a great typography is not only about the typeface, but a perfect sense of type placement and usage.

  6. The Paumanok Review

    pumanokThis is another site with only one Font choice for all stylistic elements of its design: Georgia. A great example of how you can accomplish an exceptional typography by playing with various type techniques: line heights, letter spacing, font style and variants. The Paumanok Review is an online literary magazine committed to nurture the best and brightest in modern art and literature. Because of the site’s immaculate typography it is very easy to read the stories online.

  7. Jason Santa Maria

    jasonJason Santa Maria is well-known for his imaginative designs with an intuitive typography. This is his personal site that won the Web Standards Award in 2004. On the About page he mentions which fonts were used for this site: “Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20 for the masthead, Dispatch Extended Regular for the graphical subheads, and Georgia for body copy”. I wish all websites had that information about their typeface choices.

  8. Grow Collective

    grow This is the only website in my today’s collection with a new Web 2.0 look although without the unnecessary rounded corners and patterned backgrounds. The site’s elegant style was accomplished by two fonts – Verdana for the main content and Georgia for the headings and decoration. The use of boxes around various content sections on the page captures the reader’s attention within that particular area. The site’s designers definitely have the aesthetically pleasing sense of type that looks so natural.

If you have other favourite websites with an elegant typography style, please share them with us here.

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10 Insightful Bits in response to “Get Inspired by 8 bits of Exquisite Typography”

  1. That’s a nice list. I was looking for type inspiration as I am redesigning my site with type in mind. I would also suggest a look at

    It isn’t fancy, but it is very solid.

  2. ibit

    That’s a really useful article, Andrew. Thanks for sharing it. It actually mentioned some of the designers who’s been showcased in this post.

  3. Great selection of designs. Keep up the good work, I’ve subscribe to you email feeds!

  4. ibit

    Thank you, Ilker. Thanks for subscribing to my email feeds.

  5. Ouch. Subtraction specifies Helvetica, not Arial.

  6. ibit

    Actually, you know what, Stephen – we’re both wrong and right:
    I did look at Substraction’s CSS before pointing out the type use, but I didn’t look too deep. Well, it turns out that Khoi Vinh used Arial for the main body font, and all headings except H1:
    font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;
    Only for h1 he specified {font-family: helvetica, arial, sans-serif;}

  7. Ahh, thanks for that. I’m a bit surprised, given his love of Helvetica:

  8. ibit

    Now you’ve got me wondering why did he choose Arial to be the main type on his own site, if he prefers Helvetica? These two types look very similar and this test proves it.

  9. Wow Vivien, I never realised you cited Grow once upon a time. I was reading your typography pieces and stumbled across this. I owe you a drink sometime. Many thanks!

  10. wohoo… this post is over a year old, I wrote it when Inspiration Bit was only two months old and I didn’t know many designers I’ve be-friended now thanks to blogging, and certainly didn’t know that it was you who designed Grow site.
    I’m honoured that you were checking out my older articles here ;-)

    I never say no to virtual get-togethers for a drink or two. Unless one day I happen to come over to Bristol, or you visit Vancouver :-)

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