I think everyone would agree that in order to be on top of what you do you must know your competition and strive to be better than them, and of course learn from those who already found the success you’re striving for. All this will help you to identify what you can do that the others can’t, or what new you can offer that the others don’t.

This is especially true about blogs. Currently Technorati is tracking 63.2 million blogs. Isn’t it incredible? Just a few years ago the word “weblog” didn’t even exist in the dictionaries.

That’s where the Weblog Awards site becomes helpful.
This is one site you don’t want to miss to see the Crème de la Crème of the blogosphere.

It’s been launched in 2001 to award the best blogs. All winners are chosen by the public. So check out the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards that already has posted the Best Bloggies 2007 (this part I don’t quite understand – how they can the best of 2007, when it’s been only one month since the 2007 year has began?) and cast your votes.

Here’s how the nomination process works:

  1. From January 1, 2007 until January 11 anyone was able to nominate their favorite blogs.
  2. On January 15 only 200 randomly selected voters received an e-mail with the list of weblogs that received the most nominations in ten random categories. They had to choose and vote on five favorites for each category by January 21.
  3. On January 25 the finalists were announced, and now anyone can cast a vote by clicking on one of the radio buttons in each category.
  4. Voting will close on February 2. The winners will be announced on March 12.

While browsing all those blogs in various categories I’ve discovered a few blogs that I didn’t know about before, but now I’ve added them to my Favourites:

What new gems of blogosphere have you uncovered?

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9 Insightful Bits in response to “Get Inspired by the Best Blogs”

  1. Sparx

    Many thanks for the link – am enjoying perusing your blog as well – there are some great blogs and am enjoying the opportunity to peruse some new ones.

  2. ibit

    You’re very welcome, Sparx.

  3. Thanks for picking up my blog.

    Wish you good luck with your blog also!

  4. ibit

    You’re welcome, Daniel. Your blogtips are great.

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Come back anytime!!

  6. ibit

    Oh, I will… thanks for the invitation :-)

  7. kulpreet singh

    Very useful information Vivien :) Thanks.

    Your blog is looking good (thumbs up)

  8. ibit

    You’re welcome, Kulpreet. Thanks for the thumbs up :-)

  9. Thanks! It sounds cool! Tomorrow I’m gonna spend a few hours @ the blog awards..

    To be honest, for a good reader, the whole 9rules network is too much!

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