Today I’ve stumbled upon this video of Google on 60 minutes. Even though it was aired on January 2005, it was still interesting to watch today. While I didn’t learn lots of new useful information about Google, the video was still pretty informative.

I saw Google’s headquarters, hundred thousands of Google servers that return all those million pages with search results in less than a second, a huge cafeteria where all food is free (this way Google keeps all their employees on campus and most of them bring food back to their cubicles to continue their work). They did mention a couple of times that everyone they hire is a workaholic and smart – it’s ensured by tough Google tests GLAT and 14 interviews.

For some reason, only one of Google founders was interviewed – Sergey Brin. They did mention though that Larry Page is very shy, almost an introvert.

So watch the video and get inspired by Google’s success story :-)

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