google 8th bdayHow is it possible that this designer’s work is seen by millions of people every day, yet his name is unknown to most of us? I don’t know about you, but every holiday I’m curious to see how Google is going to look like, which letters would be transformed and how. Who creates these Google holiday logos, who is that lucky designer working for the Web’s most popular giant?

Meet Dennis Hwang – the creative mind behind all Google logos since 2000. If my calculations are correct, he’s only 26 years old. He was born in States, but moved to Korea at the age of five and came back to USA in 1992.

bastilleOriginally Google has been using contractors to design their logos. Dennis got his first Google task to modify the Fourth of July logo in 2000, make it more fun. The next logo – for Bastille Day – he designed all by himself, and since then he’s the creator of all those cleverly designed Google holiday logos.

conan doyleIt’s obvious, that Google’s “O” and “L” letters are the ones that Dennis transforms and uses for his art the most. The “O” letters have been transformed to Valentine’s hearts, M.C. Escher’s drawing, Halloween pumpkins, balloons and roses. The “L” letter has been used as a flagpole, soccer player, street light and a tree.

Google - HitchcockMy favourite one is the logo celebrating Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday – August 13, 2003 – when the second “O” was replaced by Hitchcock’s famous profile. I think the only letter that hasn’t been yet transformed is the first “G”. But you never know, Dennis might do his magic with this letter too.

To see other Google transformations, visit Google Holiday Logos section. Which one is your favourite?

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7 Insightful Bits in response to “Google’s Creative Mind”

  1. I love these doodles, one local doodle here

  2. ibit

    Yeah, there are lots of funny and creative doodles – everybody likes Google, I guess :-)

  3. Ironic that Google leaves out graphics on holidays such as Veterans Day.

  4. ibit

    It is ironic, isn’t it? We should ask Google guys about it…

  5. ibit

    I don’t know what’s going on today, but it looks like this post on Google’s designer became the most popular post – about 80% of visits to my blog today check out this post. I wonder why?

  6. I think Google should put up some doodles on their regional sites like Google India, and other such domains. That will really be wonderful to see. Google does so for some of their regional sites.

  7. Jess this was what I was talking about just now in the “8 Clever Logos.” Google is amazing when it comes to holidays and changing the logo. Yes yes, I know that sometimes the Yahoo! logo moves and whatnot, but the Google logo is the best in my opinion. :)

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