What happens when a renowned Graphic Designer asks a rhetoric question: What is Graphic Design, and then offers prizes to the most creative answers? An explosion with over five hundred different interpretations.

I don’t envy Veerle to pick her winners. In the last several days I’ve been getting immense doses of inspiration by browsing all the entries. The contest ends on February 15. I know it’s a rather short notice, but if you can spare a couple of hours to express your understanding of the graphic design and upload your design to the Flickr’s pool you could win some very cool prizes.

When I found out about this contest, I checked a few entries and decided to stay away and let the meaning of Graphic Design’s slowly formulate in my brain. Then yesterday I started a brainstorming session in my mind:

controls our brain Graphic design inspires us, makes us smile or cry, forces us to buy, compels us to think… there are so many things that we will do just by looking at a powerful combination of type, colours, shapes, images. Then it all suddenly became clear in my mind: Graphic Design Controls Our Brain.
Afterwards the pieces of the poster’s puzzle came together pretty quickly. I drew an illustration of the human brain in Illustrator, pasted it into Photoshop and arranged all the verbs – forces of Graphic Design – fading in the darkness into our subconscious, and displaying the actual message below.

I wish I had more time to communicate this idea better, and to be honest with you after seeing some of the works submitted to this contest I’m very jealous of the skills and talent of those graphic designers.

I look forward to seeing whom Veerle will select as winners, but if I were to judge, these 14 entries would be my favourite due to various reasons – a clever message or a witty approach, a choice of type or colours, or the amazing textures and skillful execution. Each of the poster thumbnails below are linked to the original image on Flickr. I urge you to take a look and get inspired.

Graphic Design is…

3d buttonstages

doing it right where it is

penguin book Lorem Ipsum

not easy communication

symbols political

blackboard improvisation

helvetica verly imitation

So what is your understanding of Graphic Design?

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10 Insightful Bits in response to “Graphic Design Interpretations”

  1. I love that last example: “Beats me. But I’m pretty sure it involves Helvetica” That is so me. :)


  2. I liked all of them. I’ve always wondered if graphic designers manage to create exactly what they have in mind, or they try, but get something else, which is still good, so they go for it?

    :) The poster with the clients was hilarious.

  3. Wow, I thought I was subscribed to Veerles blog, I was in the original what is graphic design discussion and would have liked to have been in the poster comp. There is some great talent there. I liked the beats me poster too :)

  4. Gotta love Veerle. She’s awesome, and this contest is a great idea. I like your entry very much! I’d hate to have to choose the winner. LOL at the Beats Me entry.

  5. Ronald, thanks for the Stumble. Yes, Beats Me poster is a very clever one.

    Simonne, in my case I rarely design something in the exact way I had it in my mind. During the design process I may come up with other ideas and solutions, and choose to stay with them.

    Jacob, sorry for the late warning. I was planning on posting this earlier, but didn’t work out.

    Randa, thanks for the compliment on my entry. It is hard to pick the winner there, isn’t it?

    Btw, I forgot to mention in the post that the very last poster on my list – Taking Others Ideas – is almost the exact copy of Veerle’s own interpretation of Graphic design. I thought that was pretty canny too. :-)

  6. Wow, there are some great pieces of art in that flickr pool!

    There is so much inspiration to be had from all of this.

  7. Glad you too found the pool inspirational, Jacob. There were so many different techniques that it’s impossible not to take away something from those posters.

  8. i enjoyed looking through the flickr pool, many cool works, too bad i missed the contest :(

  9. Omega, I’m really glad that you found the flickr pool of this contest inspirational.
    Next time I’ll make sure to let everyone know about the interesting design contests way in advance.

  10. Vivien, I submitted my design to that competition only in 24 hours before the deadline :p
    Your definition about graphic design seems so obvious and you have a great concept to visualize what was in your mind..well done ;)

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