It is official now. Inspiration Bit is inviting anyone to guest write on this blog. What are your incentives, you may ask? None. Well, of course none other than

  • You will be showered with inspiration and bits of success
  • Your article will be read by hundreds of intellectual people who are visiting this blog and are even subscribed to it
  • You can promote your blog and its articles by linking to them from Inspiration Bit
  • You’ll be able to join the hippie movement in blogiverse by writing for the hippiest blog ever according to Hamelife
  • You’ll become famous simply because of your writing for Successful and Outstanding Blogger as well as for the Thinking Blogger

Guest Writing Rules

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. You can write pretty much on any topic as long as it would inspire and motivate others
  2. Possible topics may include, but not limited to – web or graphic design, blogging, photography
  3. Prior to writing an article, you may consider contacting me first with your topic idea to get my approval for publishing your post on Inspiration Bit
  4. Your guest article on Inspiration Bit must be previously unpublished and cannot be published afterwards on any other sites but yours.
  5. Inspiration Bit reserves the right to edit/format the article to match this blog’s writing style. All revisions will be send to you for approval.
  6. Inspiration Bit reserves the right to decline the publication of your article. The reasons will be emailed to the author.
  7. Inspiration Bit reserves the right to set the date of publication.
  8. You will have a choice of having the article e-mailed to me or posting it with a contributor’s account on this blog.

If you’re interested in guest writing for Inspiration Bit, please, contact me with your name/email details and article/topic suggestions.

Please, feel free to email me should you have any other questions regarding the guest blogging here.

Thank you. I look forward to your guest contributions for Inspiration Bit.

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