Most commercials nowadays quite effectively manage to bombard us with with influential messages in just 20 seconds. But for creative people even 5 seconds are enough to make their point clear and get an immediate reaction from the target audience. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything but Thank You, like in the following 5 second commercial. Can you guess what is this ad for?


Thanks to Cameron Moll for featuring that clip on his blog

What if you were offered to make a 5 seconds commercial or a promotional video for a very popular TV station or website , how would you spend that precious time, what would be your message?

At this moment I have only 5 minutes left to publish this post, finish packing and get ready to leave the house. We’re going to an island for a whole week. Hurraah to vacation. I’m taking my laptop with me, but most probably will be unplugged there. If not, you’ll hear from me again soon, otherwise, see you all in a week. Hopefully, there will still be someone waiting for me on Inspiration Bit :-)

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8 Insightful Bits in response to “How Much Can Be Said In 5 Seconds”

  1. Very creative! I did not guess, but when I saw the text at the end, I got the idea immediately.

    Have a nice vacation and be sure you’ll find everybody waiting for you on inspirationbit :)

  2. Okay, that was kind of cool. I was not expecting the Spanish though. I was expecting one of those pharmaceutical messages since she was wearing a lab coat.

    Have great vacation.

  3. I didn’t get it at first, when I saw that ad a while back, but then, when it clicked, I thought ‘whoah, very nice!’.

    I’ll be here, Vivien, waiting for your safe return. Ciao for now.

  4. Happy holiday and if you like taking photos, take more.

  5. Great little article to get your point across, Vivien! Have a wonderful vacation!!

  6. Vivien

    Thank you so much, everyone. I’m glad you liked that ad, very creative, isn’t it?

    WoW! What had happened here while I’m away? My RSS feed count has increased by 80 new readers! Last time I checked it, it showed 214, now it says 294! If this is the way to increase my RSS readers list, I’m all for going on vacation more often :-)

    Well, I’ve just posted something new on my blog, and I’ll see you all soon next week. The little store where I got an internet access today is closed for the weekend. So no more posts from me until I’m back.

    Thanks for sticking around and waiting for me. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate this.

  7. I really like your 5-second Challenge idea. Why not turn it into a post or meme? A 5-second video to promote x; or theme-based.

    The same happened to my RSS subscribers when I hadn’t posted for a while. Mine increased by 100. I wonder why that is? I know I’ve subscribed that way before: I regularly view a blog, it goes quiet for a while, then I stumble across it again, and think, ah, if only I’d subscribed to it, then II wouldn’t have missed…

    Thanks for sharing that video too–brilliant!!

  8. Vivien

    hmmm, Johno, now you got me thinking…. I’ll see what I can come up with.

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