It’s not that I feel uninspired sometimes, but I do occasionally feel that I need an extra boost for my inspiration. Here are a few sites and resources that I found very inspirational:

I really enjoyed reading Cameron Moll‘s advice of getting yourself unplugged when feeling uninspired, switch your mind to something completely different, never stop exploring and to not be afraid when making mistakes. Even occasional mistakes can inspire.

Judy Rose has answered my long time question – How to start my writing? By organizing my points in a logical order and not only identifying the purpose in my own mind but also letting the readers to know the purpose.

Matt from 37 signals has written a very interesting article on Finding fresh inspiration. His advice: Look to the past, Look to a foreign culture, Look to nature and Look to a different medium.

I have subscribed to Unmatched Style’s RSS that comes with reviews of many websites with a unique style. I like both the reviews and the taste/choice of the sites. Of course, there are many other websites with the collection of inspirational sites, like Inspiration King, CSS Zen Garden, CSS Beauty to name a few.

I recently found another website that I’ve included to my inspirational pool: ColourLovers. It’s a gold mine for finding the perfect colour scheme for web&graphic related projects.

And how do you get inspired? What sites do you visit?

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  1. Thanx for all the great links on the post! :)

  2. ^^5 stars for this article

  3. ibit

    You’re welcome and thanks for the stars :-)

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