While blog-browsing today I found out how to implement Post teasers on my blog’s front page – something that I was always curious about. Why would I want to tease my readers? Because from my own personal experience, browsing other blogs with teasers, I found that I’m getting more intrigued by the post and actually click on it to read the full story, also I can easily see more than one post at a time on the same page without having to scroll.

Turned out that my intuition was right – other bloggers too recommend using the post teasers on the front page. Some of the important reasons are:

  • You’ll be able to attract more user clicks on your page, thus increasing your page views statistics.
  • If you get users to click on “read more”, it means that you’ve obviously written something interesting enough to capture the readers attention.
  • As I mentioned before, by shortening the posts on the homepage, your other posts become visible as well. Thus if your first post on the page didn’t attract the reader, you still have more chances to get the visitor’s interest with the subsequent posts
  • and last, but not least, as the blog writer you’ll be forced to write effective introductions to your posts, otherwise no one will click to read more.

As you can see, I’ve already implemented the “teasing technique” on my blog today, which was very simple. Here’s how:

  1. If you have the Rich Visual Text Editor ON, then you can split your post by clicking on the icon next to the image icon, with two little white rectangles:


    This way you will separate the post at any point you like, and generate a teaser on your home page.

  2. If you turned OFF the Rich Visual Text Editor, then with a just a bit of typing you can achieve the same effect by simply inserting <!--more--> wherever you’d like to insert the teaser.

That was simple enough, wasn’t it? Now, you can tease your readers too :-)

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14 Insightful Bits in response to “How to tease your blog readers and gain more page views”

  1. Kool idea dude! let me try it out and see if it works :-?

    BTW, I find it difficult to locate the cursor while I was typing this comment. Can you change the font of either comment window or that of the cursor?

  2. ibit

    I’ve changed the font’s and background’s colour in the comment area. Hope this shows up better.

  3. Thanx Vivien,
    Thanx for telling us the ‘teasing technique’
    Thank you very much.

  4. ibit

    You’re very welcome, Shankar. Glad that you found it useful.

  5. I always wondered hoe to do this: thanks for the heads up.

  6. ibit

    You’re welcome :-)

  7. I’ve also written something on this piece, perhaps you could check it out.

  8. It’s a good suggestion, though I stopped doing it a while back and saw my RSS subscriptions skyrocket. So I always feel like that is the trade off…

  9. Vivien

    oh, I still offer full feeds to my readers, so I don’t quite see how post teasers influence the number of RSS feed count.
    What I usually do lately is I keep the first couple of posts on my blog in a full view and the rest show up with teasers. This way my blog doesn’t load forever, especially if there are a number of images included in the posts.

  10. Vivian, hi there. I just did a google search on “blog tease separate post” and your article came up. I like the idea of the teasers in blogs and think it is a great technique. I am researching right now about the possibility of doing teasers in the actual main article.

    For instance, if you have a good really long article, what do you think about “splitting up into two” and saying to the readers “tune in tomorrow for part two.”

    I’m only 1 week into my blogging so I don’t know if this is a good idea or not.

    What do you think?


    PS: Maybe we should both do a test and report back on our results :)

  11. Hi Richard. Welcome to Inspiration Bit.
    A blog teaser is different from splitting the longer articles into two or more. You can certainly do that. I’ve been doing it lately with my Behind The Scenes of Exquisite Web Typography posts. You can also use a special plugin when writing long series of articles. There is a great guest article here, written by Ronald on Writing Series. Certainly worth looking into it.

  12. Vivien,

    Thanks for the tip. Checking it out now…

    All the best,

  13. Hey thanks for this. I did not know I could tease my visitors. This really helps as it cuts down the amount of space my posts take up on the homepage. I just need to figure out how to change the term: ‘read the rest of this entry’ as it could be better. I am going to do it now on; freebets.ca thanks again.

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