I’m sure I could’ve accomplished so much more if I had more hours in a day – at least 36, though 48 would’ve been even better. Then I could’ve easily read all 70 (no need to read mine again) tutorials that were submitted to DailyBlogTips project. The diversity of the tutorial topics there was incredible: everything starting from how to loose blog readers to how to ruin your marriage.

So if I didn’t read nor comment on some of the participants articles it’s not so much because of the lack of interest but lack of free time. However, here are the five tutorials that managed to grab my attention enough to squeeze them into my daily blog reading time.

  1. 5+1 Ways of promoting your Blog/Site/Brand name in your college by Ashfame
    Let’s say this part on how to promote your blog made me laugh: “Fastest mean of communication – Women. Need faster? Tell her not to tell anyone.”
  2. Protect Your Blog And Counter Copyright Thefts by Tibi
    This one wasn’t at all a laughing matter, on the conrtary a very serious subject matter that concerns every blogger.
  3. How to RSS like a Rockstar by Lucy
    The most humourous and detailed explanation of RSS I’ve ever read: “Think of RSS as the bread crumbs that Hansel and Gretel should’ve used to find their way home!”
  4. Tutorial: How to print blog articles the smart way by Jacob Cass
    I’ll be sending this tutorial to one of my non tech-savvy clients. That will free up some of my time in having to explain how to print from the Web.
  5. Absolute Guide to Losing Readers by Ronald
    Despite the terrifying prospects this tutorial is teaching you about, hopefully the bloggers will be able to read between the humourous lines and see the bigger picture of how to keep their readers.

If I had 48 hours in a day I would’ve also read and commented on all the articles submitted to a very interesting Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner Blog Carnival, with countless delicious appetizers served by Isabella at Change Therapy and drinks after dinner reception at The Lives and Times by Anthony McCune

If I had more hours in a day, I could’ve also read and commented on all the great posts on the blogs in my RSS reader.
There are many more things I could’ve done should I had 48 hours in a day, but I wouldn’t bore you with details anymore. After all you too don’t have those extra hours to spend on reading my ramblings.

By the way, did you know that some bloggers keep a timesheet and track all their blogging activities? Some spend as much as three hours daily as a part-time blogger or as little as 20 minutes as a full-time blogger (or so they claim).

What would you do if you had more hours in a day? How many hours a day do you spend on blogging (reading, writing, commenting, socializing)?

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9 Insightful Bits in response to “If I Had 48 Hours In A Day”

  1. If I had 48 hours in a day, I would probably complain that I don’t have 92 :)
    I would do pretty much the same stuff I’m doing now, but more of each activity.

  2. Having a longer day doesn’t really mean you can do a lot more things. You would still get tired at some point and have to go to sleep. If you need a longer day, all you need to do is stay up all night. From what I can remember from the last time I did that (I was awake and active for about 36 hours straight) I don’t want to repeat the experience.

    Assuming I wouldn’t get tired, I would probably do the same things that I do everyday. The only difference being that I’ll have more time to do whatever I enjoy doing. Regarding blogging I definitely don’t have a timesheet. I blog because I have something to do and I read blogs because I like to. If I start planning those things, what kind of a pleasure would it be?

  3. With 48 hours in a day, hopefully I would resist the urge to blog and code more and do a better job at keeping in touch with friends. After all, when I look back, rarely do I think “I wish I’d spent more time coding”…

  4. If i had 48 hours a day, then i can strike a better balance between college and blogging.

  5. I’d be scared to see my own blogging time-sheet! I blog and read other blogs because I love it. I also read the blogs of others as a way of staying in touch. For example, we’ve never met in person, but we’ve chatted in the comments here and elsewhere; and in time a blog that one visits regularly starts to feel rather comfortable; and interaction with the author would, owing to geographical location, be otherwise impossible.

    So, what would I do with more hours in the day? Um, read more books, study more, blog more and start a family (not necessarily in that order). In fact, I have no idea how you do it, Vivien. You have a family and 14 different jobs; you’ve just moved house, and yet you still grace us with these intriguing posts. Thank you.

    BTW, that Absolute Guide to Losing Readers is brilliant!

  6. Simonne, isn’t that true – we humans always need more than we have? Oh, I would definitely be able to spend my time on doing more diverse things than I do now, and of course spend more time on same stuff that occupies my usual day.

    Hi Stelian. Of course with the longer day we’ll still get tired, but then we we’ll have plenty of hours to take naps, wouldn’t we? ;-) 36 hours with no sleep that’s not too bad. For the entire first week when my daughter was born, I had only about ten hours of sleep. Don’t ask me how I did it – I don’t know, I had no choice. But it’s just a proof that there are many things we don’t know about the human nature.
    I agree, we can’t plan how many hours we’ll spend on blogging, at least it’s not always possible to do so.

    Peter, I thought you love coding?! ;-) [j/k]
    But I agree, it would definitely be nice to be able to spend more time with friends and family.

    Madhur, with 48 hours you could probably strike a perfect balance between the college, blogging and even some freelancing on the side ;-)

    Johno, where did you get that #14 from?! haha – no, I’m not there yet :-) How I do it? I don’t, I struggle. I have to sacrifice with something – i’m not a perfect housewife – I don’t clean my house every day, I don’t cook every day (thanks to my husband), my clients have to wait a bit longer for me to complete their projects, and my family is forced to be happy to share evenings with me sitting with the laptop, dividing my attention from staring at the screen and responding to them. My daughter though is learning how to get my attention fast – she comes to me, grabs and says, “Mama, it’s me, look at me, I’m here, mama – hug”. Who could resist such a request from a cute sweet not even 3-year-old girl? But then, that’s why it often takes me 2-3 days to complete a post for Inspiration Bit – for every 10 min I spend writing, I switch to playing with my daughter, or talking to my husband.

    Btw, Ronald won the 1st place and $100 for his Absolute Guide to Losing Readers – so happy for him!
    oh, and Tibi won too!

  7. Thanks Vivien for nominating my post. I really enjoyed yours on colour.

  8. Wow you chose the three winners from the competition, I read them all, and they are great choices. I am glad that my article has helped you in that way.
    The losing readers post was the best. Don’t we all wish we had more hours in the day (and night).

  9. You’re welcome, Ronald – a well deserved victory!

    Jacob, I chose only two of the three winners ;-)
    Yes, we all wish we had more hours in the day and night.

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