There are only 11 letters in the word INSPIRATION, but each of them breathes a powerful energy into everyone who’s lucky enough to discover the fountain of “divine guidance”.

Inspiration is a paradox. Don’t let it fool you: it rarely comes with an announcement: “Oh, you’ve been looking for me? Here I come – catch!”. Inspiration is very personal. You may not consider my sources of inspiration to be motivational for you, and vice versa. Inspiration can come from unexpected sources. It may show up as fragile as the first cherry bud, or as powerful as an explosion that finally breaks the silence in your brain. Fortunately, there are some reliable inspiration sources that you can always count on.

These are my two most dependable inspiration sources:

Sleeping Kingdom

You may find it funny, but since forever, whenever I’m stuck with something I just let it go and leave it up to sleep to sort things out and give me a guidance. It’s been always working for me, and apparently for many others. Dmitry Mendeleev, the famous Russian chemist and the creator of the periodic table of elements, has struggled for many years with sorting out all those elements and laying them out in an orderly fashion, until he finally came up with the vision of that periodic table in his sleep.

No wonder, Russians say “The Morning Is Wiser Than The Evening”, and in English we say “Sleep On It”. Our brain never stops working even when we are sleeping. That’s when nothing distracts my brain from concentrating on the problem I had when I was alert and busy with myriads of things and thoughts. It’s easy to dig out all the images of web sites, design books and magazines that are stored in my memory bank and play them like a big colour slide show in my mind. Then a sudden ‘click’ will tell me – that’s it, that’s what I need for my project.

As a matter of fact, the topic for my first group project came to me in my sleep. I’ve been contemplating about hosting a group project on this blog for a very long time, but somehow couldn’t decide on the topic. I’ve even asked you for help. Until finally past Sunday morning I woke up inspired with the topic on Inspiration.

My little sunshine

There’s one source of inspiration that is constantly with me – my daughter. She’s my motivation in life. She’s the reason of why I keep going and going like the little Energizer bunny.

Kids have an incredibly amazing quality of discharging your energy throughout the day with gazillions of tasks, but at the same time they’re blessed with a capability of quickly re-charging you with the powerful source of energy and stimulus that will last for a very long time.

Her mischievous smile melts all those stresses I’ve accumulated during the day. Her sweet talk stimulates my brain. Her silvery singing fills my heart with pride and joy. Her contagious laughter boosts my confidence in being a good mother who’s able to build a happy life for her daughter. Often she comes to me and says, “Mama… happy…”. And I’m asking her, “are you happy, baby?”. She just jumps on my lap and gives me a big warm hug – and the time stays still, and I wish this moment to last forever.

What are your sources of Inspiration? Make sure to join our Group Project: Source Of Inspiration.

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19 Insightful Bits in response to “Inspiration Sources for Inspiration Bit”

  1. Found your blog very interesting, so I’ll come here more often.
    Greetings from Macedonia!

  2. I also find it helps to just walk away from a problem, usually a shower, or a walk in the hills does it. I don’t often sleep on it though as I can’t turn my mind off the problem long enough to get to sleep.

  3. Vivien

    Thanks, DeeJay. Welcome to my blog. Greetings from Canada :-)

    I agree with you, Andrew – it’s a good idea to walk away from a problem, switch the attention to something else. I’m too trying my best to solve a problem as quick as I can, but sometimes the problem or the project are way too big, and I just can’t keep my eyes open, and that’s when the sleep comes to rescue :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing your sources of inspiration. Well, like you say sleeping gives you some power, my source of inspiration are Dreams. I dream too much :D I keep thinking of something while I go to bed, and they come up as dreams. Very often, these dreams propel me to drive forward.. to do something :) They give a boost to me in many ways.

  5. Hi,

    I totally agree with you about inspiration coming to you in you sleep, or for me just before I fall asleep. I have gone so far to sometimes put a notebook by the bed.

  6. Vivien

    Shankar, it’s very nice to see that your have such productive and inspirational Dreams.

    @Tara “notebook by the bed” – haha, it’s funny. Do you manage to fall asleep after writing down the inspiration notes?
    In my case inspiration and solutions come to me right before I’m about to wake up – I guess it’s during the last period of REM :-)

    I look forward to your participation in the group writing project, curious to read more about your inspiration sources.

  7. I like the 1 – 2 paragraph quick stories – preferably humurous. They can give you a break from the routine, and get you to think about something else.

  8. I wrote my entry and went to the site to enter but I cannot read the left side headings of the places to fill in. How can I enter my essay I have on my blog?

  9. Vivien

    Hi Paulie, I’m not sure why you couldn’t see the headings. But in any case, I’ve added your blog’s entry to the list of participants in this project. Thank you very much.

  10. Sleeping on it is one of my favorite ways to get inspiration, as you already noticed at my site. But, children, especially your own, are wonderful for bringing out the creative side. I love to look at the world through a child’s eyes.

  11. Thanks for hosting this project. I agree that children can take so much out of you, but then they add it right back with a little whip cream on the top.

  12. Vivien

    and what a exquisite whip cream they are, arent’ they Joey? :-)
    You’re very welcome, thanks for participating and especially for going through the entries and commenting on other blogs.

  13. I found Inspiration Bit through the 37 Sources of Inspiration link on lifehack.org. What a great find! When you talk about kids draining our energy, yet filling it all back up so easily, your words ring so true. My daughter is also a real source of inspiration in so many ways. Nice to find you!

  14. Vivien

    Thank you very much, Kate B. It is really nice to see you here. Welcome and enjoy a long stay here :-)

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