While reading an article from Wired magazine “We Are the Web”, recommended by Brian from Epic Edits, that talks about Internet in 1995, 2005 and predicts the future of Internet for 2015, the memories from past came to my mind, and I felt an urge to write about them.

I was very fortunate to get involved with the Internet from the early days of World Wide Web. I remember my first time on the internet in April 1996. I was introduced to it by my boss, he showed me how to search on the Web. I was stunned. I was so overcome by the sea of possibilities. Do you want to know what were my first searched keywords? “The Doors lyrics”. I was ecstatic to browse numerous websites dedicated to my then favourite band. I’ve printed some of the lyrics right away, and was showing them off to my friends. The next thing I typed in the search field was “Sotheby’s auction” (don’t ask me why – I guess I just wanted to test if I can find something about it on the internet as well), and was going through the latest auction items. From that day on I was hooked on the internet, searching and reading hundreds of websites.

Soon after that I was running internet courses for a non-profit organization I worked at during that time: teaching people how to use internet, how to search and find what they need, how to design websites, organizing seminars and electronic publishing workshops. And to this very day, internet never ceases to amaze me. I often ask myself: How did we live without Internet before? Just like generations before me had similar questions: How did they live without a TV? Without a radio? Without a phone? Without electricity?
I wonder what will be the next Big thing that people would have a hard time living without?

What was your first experience with an Internet like?

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  1. I’m glad you liked the article, it’s still one of my favorites. We are very lucky to have witnessed the birth of the mainstream Internet, and now we watch it evolve and grow.

    My first experience with the “Internet” was with Prodigy, pre-1994. I don’t remember much other than it was interesting. I was pretty young at the time, maybe 9, 10, or 11 years old. My next experience was at school in the 7th grade (1994 or 1995), where we used it as a research tool. The first things I searched for (with netscape) was all the major mountain bike manufacturers — I was (and still am) into mountain biking at the time.

    Now, I rely on the Internet for nearly everything. I can’t imagine my life without a high speed cable Internet connection, let alone life without the Internet.

  2. I first got online (at the ripe old age of fourteen) in 1995 on Windows 3.1. I was using a service called Polarnet in Fairbanks, Alaska and had a blazingly fast speed of 14.4.

    In the early days, Netscape was just hitting the 1.0 version. The only browsers that were available were text-only.

    Then — it seemed — everything just exploded. Yahoo was the big thing with their “What’s cool” section and online shopping started to take off.

    I quickly learned how to type by using an early version of mIRC. I was actually a very active member of #13-17bestbet on Undernet. Ah, the memories. :)

  3. ibit

    oh, yeah – fast speed of 14.4. I remember how we were downloading the latest version of Linux FreeBSD for 2-3 days :-)

  4. 1996, my early twenties. Compuer center at my faculty, which is important cause we were using no dial-up there. For those times that connection was fast. I still remember Netscape and the thrill of the first e-mail exchanged with a friend just for the sake of exchanging e-mails.
    After a month or so I knew all the sites in certain sections of Yahoo!’s directory.

  5. ibit

    Isn’t it incredible that there only a handful of sites on the Web, and we knew most of them by heart? Now there are more blogs than there were websites in the first year of WWW. :-)

  6. yes. That difference is huge. Other one that is flashing in my mind today while I think about theese things is design. Just remember all those pages withe tiled backgrounds, huge font-faces, animated gifs that looks like circus, most of the text centered… and every site was proud of visitors counter like it is mandatory to show it.

  7. I don’t remember what I first searched on the internet, btw :?

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