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15 Insightful Bits in response to “Is This Really A New Definition Of Love?”

  1. Wow. A person whose love language is blog postings. Coolness.

  2. It’s funny how you form a different type of relationship with bloggers when you, yourself, start blogging.

    Pre-blog, I was just another reader. I rarely commented. The authors weren’t real people, it was just another web site with information on it.

    Post-blog, I feel like I’m part of the club. I comment a lot more, because I like it when people comment on my blog. It makes you feel connected to your readers. The authors are regular people, with real lives and real personalities. Their sites are an extension of themselves. I’ve had several side conversations with other blog authors via email rather than through the comments. Like I said, I feel like I’m part of the club.

  3. Jess

    Right now I’m in-between I think. I read a lot of blogs. A lot a lot. I think I’m more of a reader than a writer. On the other hand, I’m a contributor to a blog and I’m also a moderator for a forum. It’s really interesting knowing that people are reading what you post!

    Is it a new definition of love? I think so! I love reading people’s blogs. I comment when I want to, or I don’t. Thanks for posting that up, it kind of made my day! :)

  4. Bes

    Funny! We need more lessons through such comics. :p

    It may be love for blogs, but it is not in itself love that we feel for other people in real life.

    However, those “love” feelings online can develop to the same extent as the love feelings we have in the offline world. Love is possible, I think, in every way imaginable. :)

  5. ibit

    Originally, I was going to add my own thoughts triggered by this cartoon, but then I decided to just post it and see if I get any response from my readers, without me influencing the flow of the conversation. Now I’m really glad I did that.
    Every one of you had a different comprehension of this comic and the question I asked you about.

    Guess what, Bes? I’m the proof that “those “love” feelings online can develop to the same extent as the love feelings we have in the offline world”. I’ve met my husband online 8 years ago (completely by accident), and after one year of daily email exchanges (no chat, just emails and a few phone calls) we finally met in person, and soon got married. Today we’re celebrating 7 years of marriage with our beautiful 2 year old daughter.

    What’s more – I think because of our one year of daily communications, we got to know each other so well, that our first meeting in person didn’t feel awkward at all but as natural as it can be.

  6. ibit

    Brian, you’re absolutely right about blogging – it’s like opening doors to a completely separate world and living a different life.

  7. Blogging has brought me a lot of friends like you and others :)

  8. Glad my cartoons give you a bit of inspiration. :)

  9. ibit

    Your cartoons are amazing, Vincent. Where do you get your inspiration from? :-)

  10. Thanks Ronald, you reminded me of work. We have been working with love languages.I’ll have to bring up the new language next meeting. I am guessing most of the group will think I’m off my rocker.

  11. I’m glad you like them. As you might have guessed, I get my inspiration from my everyday life. Geeks in Love is 99% autobiographical. :)

  12. Jess

    Your cartoons are awesome Vincent! It’s very cool that you get your inspiration from everyday life, I think that’s why we like them! :)

  13. romeo and Juliette fell in love online, but their relationship ended tragically when Juliet’s hardrive crashed :D

  14. a tech age love :) it’s very true nowadays there’s a lot relationship started in the web.

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