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“I’m a new soul, I came to this strange world hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take. But since I came here felt the joy and the fear, finding myself making every possible mistake.”

No, I’m not talking about MacBook Air here, although since yesterday I’ve been all day listening and singing this catchy tune written and sung by Yael Naim (yes, she’s even been inscribed forever in Wikipedia now, thanks to Steve Jobs ) and popularized in the latest Apple commercial.

No, I’m thinking about all of us, the new souls who came to this strange but magic world of blogs and social networks. Isn’t it all about giving and taking, isn’t it why we’re all here – to give what we know best and take what we want? We all take away different things from this wired world – for some it’s all about the bottom line, for others it’s the learning, networking and new friends we crave for.

There’s so much stuff happening here that gets us all excited, it’s easy to get carried away or distracted, and along the way we’re bound to make some mistakes. As long as these mistakes are not lethal we all can learn our lessons and tackle the obstacles with the re-newed energy and confidence.

That’s why it’s been decided to give Social Media Mega Project a second chance to gather more feedback from the unusually passive blogiverse. As it turned out all ten bloggers who teamed up to host group writing projects dedicated to 19 different social media and networking sites were faced with stumbling blocks that were hindering the stream of willing participants.

Now I’m the first one to admit that I wasn’t aggressively promoting this mega project and my part of hosting the Digg and Reddit related submissions, so I’m going with a different approach this time. I’ll be trying all kinds of tricks to get this show on the road and get it noticed in the blogiverse, and I’ll be sharing my tactics – both successful and fruitless – here with you, so you too can learn some effective ways in promoting your own ventures.

Ready? Set. Go!

We’re setting a new deadline for the submissions to the Social Media Mega Project and giving everyone another full month of trying out different social networking sites and sharing your experience with the rest of us.

Take a look and see which social media site you’re interested in and would like to submit your entry to. Together we’re covering 19 social networking sites, so you’re bound to find something that appeals to you.

Re-newed project timeline

  • Start Date: Monday, January 21st
  • End Date: Saturday, March 22nd
  • Results Publication Date: Monday, March 24th
  • Final Collaborative Results will be published on Inspiration Bit on Friday, March 28th

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this mega project so far. Your submissions will be at the top of the final list. Everyone else, please get active and contribute to this collaborative project on Social Media. Visit any of the participating blogs on the list above and submit your article on any or all of the 19 social networking sites that are being sponsored by this mega project.

Since I’m hosting Digg and Reddit, I’m calling everyone to share your experience and thoughts on these two (or just one of the) networking sites.

The rules are very simple:

  1. Write a post on your blog and share with us how do you integrate Digg and Reddit into your blogging, work, tell us about your good or bad experience, how would you compare these social networking sites with others, what do you like or don’t like about them, how did you benefit from becoming a frequent user of those sites, what secrets have you learned about them, what tips or warnings would you like to inform others about?
  2. Contact me with your name, email and a permalink to your post. If you don’t have your own blog, you can always write a guest post on my blog, or simply send me your thoughts by contacting me in person.
  3. Once I collect the links from all participants and publish them on my blog, you can write another post and link to either all or only your favourite articles by other bloggers.
  4. You are allowed to contribute only one article per project/site. You are more than welcome to visit other participating blogs, listed above, that host projects dedicated to the different social media sites and take part in those projects by submitting your articles about other social networking sites.

Other nine partnering bloggers have similar rules on their blogs, I am encouraging you to pay them a visit and enter their projects as well.

What do you get out of it?

Oh, you’ll get so much out of this mega project that it’s hard to describe with words, but I’ll just point out some of the most valuable ones:

  • Links, Links and More Links – Your one entry to the project will secure at least THREE incoming links: from the hosting blog, Inspiration Bit and new blog that houses all announcements and results from all Group Writing Projects that are taking place in the blogiverse. I’m sure that many other blogs will be re-publishing the final mega list of all articles on Social Media sites on their blogs after the project is over.
  • You’re getting a chance to try out different social networking sites that you were so eager to learn more about but haven’t pursued it for the lack of time and most importantly motivation.
  • You will be building your social media profile on the Web, the importance of which grows exponentially every day.
  • Remember, it’s not all about taking, but giving too – this is your chance to give back to the community
  • Networking, Interacting with other bloggers and discovering new interesting blogs.

Shameless promotion

I’ve warned you about getting a bit more aggressive with my promotion of this mega project, so I’m asking you all to please, give your hand and share this article on all the social networking sites that you belong to. All you need to do is click on that Share This link at the end of this post and Digg, Reddit, Stumble it, bookmark on, Twitter about it and invite everyone you can to participate in this Social Media Mega Project.

Don’t worry, my host will be able to handle all the traffic from all those networking sites above. I really want this project to succeed and will be very disappointed and heartbroken if it fails. Now you don’t want me to start writing gloomy distressing posts on Inspiration Bit and turning it into a Depressing Bit, do you? Then please, help me spread the word about this collaborative project and get as many participants as we possibly can.

Thank you all in advance, and remember it is all about how to give and take.

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19 Insightful Bits in response to “It Is All About How To Give And Take”

  1. To give what we know best and take what we want? We all take away different things from this wired world – for some it’s all about the bottom line, for others it’s the learning, networking and new friends we crave for.
    I couldn’t agree more. Great that it has been extended because I have only been just getting a feel of the social media sites, especially stumbleupon and design float.

  2. I’ve been getting intens with social media sites starting by this month. The first attempt was an experiment, then gradually I got addicted to find something new on the blogosphere thru this social media as well as to meet new friends and great bloggers :) …
    This project should be a wonderful chance to a starter like me to learn more! Good luck Vivien ;)

  3. Jacob, I’m glad you’re getting a hang of social media. Look forward to your other submissions. Something tells me that your article on StumbleUpon will have more praises to it than the one on Digg ;-)

    thanks so much, Audee. I too consider myself a newbie when it comes to social media, that’s why I started this mega project in the first place – to learn more about it and give others the same chance. Look forward to your entries as well.

  4. Just a suggestion why don’t you post those who submitted tommorow and just make a note that it has been pro longed. So that those who did not yet joined can have an idea on how to join the group writing project.

    Just a suggestion :)

  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Dexter. I don’t think that the rules for the project are that complicated for people to not know what kind of posts they can write and submit to it, and I rather collect all the submissions and publish them at the same time. I do appreciate you being on time and submitting your Digg article early. Now you can write about other social networking sites and submit them to other participating bloggers. You’ll get even more links and exposure that way ;-)

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