Hey, bloggers, have you heard of the latest buzz in blogosphere? It’s called Blogg-Buzz and it’s already been dubbed as Digg for bloggers.

Every blogger wants to get more traffic and everyone knows that being on Digg’s front page can usually bring bloggers more traffic than they can handle. But at the same time every blogger already knows that Digg users unofficially hate all blog posts and whether bury them or mark as spam, except the big blog sharks like TechCrunch and Problogger.

I’ve just started blogging recently, and was wondering if there’s a service similar to Digg but for bloggers. Well, two guys – JohnTP and Shivaranjan – didn’t just wonder but addressed this issue by creating Blogg-Buzz just last month.

I’ve already registered with Blogg-Buzz and “buzzed” a few posts (including one of mine). So far I like it. They do need to work on their branding and develop a better logo for the site. But other than that I really hope that one day soon Blogg-Buzz would become the place where bloggers would fight for to be on the front page. Good luck to you, Blogg-Buzz.

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3 Insightful Bits in response to “Latest Blogg buzz”

  1. spread the word. If everyone starts blogging about it I’m sure that it will become popular.

  2. @Alex and @Inspirationbot:

    Thanks a lot from Blogg-Buzz team for higlighting it here.We are trying to make bloggers world easier.

    For any confusions you can visit blog of Blogg-Buzz http://blogg-buzz.com/blog/

    This is Ashish, one of the mods of Blogg-Buzz

  3. ibit

    you’re welcome, Ashish. Good luck with Blogg-Buzz!

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